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S56 All-Stars

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                    S56 All-Star Teams
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1st Team

W - Theo Morgan Steelhawks
C - Martjin Westbroek syndicate
F - Elijah Jones Inferno
D - Parker Smeb syndicate
D - Corey Kennedy syndicate
G - Kata Vilde Dragons

2nd Team

W - Monkey D. Luffy Stampede
C - Barry Batsbak Dragons
F - Julio Tokolosh Blizzard
D - Guy Zheng Inferno
D - Brennan Kennedy Jr. Dragons
G - A Jobin Steelhawks

3rd Team

W - Josef Kubinec Renegades
C - Esa Parmborg Dragons
F - Michael Scarn Steelhawks
D - Karlstraße Scholz Blizzard
D - Guy O'Shea Steelhawks
G - Knox Booth Panthers

All Rookie Team
F - Edward Williams Renegades
F - Steve Harrington Stampede
F - Ryuuji Minamino syndicate
D - Conner Hutton Specters
D - Bradley Barkov Dragons
G - Samat Beibitzhanov Inferno

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