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(Graded) Deep Dive #2 Quebec vs Anchorage
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Today since the regular season is over and the first round of the playoffs is about half way done I figured i'd look back on the SMJHL season and compare the top team from both the East (Quebec) and the west (Anchorage) and how they managed the achieve their top positions over the season. 

First we will take a look at the East and Quebec with their 49 and 8 record they managed to have this season. First we will take a look at one of or if not the top reason for their continued success this year the biggest point getter not just on the team but the whole league Zdenko Beranek who had a incredible 37 goals and 34 helps putting up 71 points through 66 games played. Beranek was drafted first overall by Quebec back in Season 55 and has proven to be a huge addition to the team since the moment he was drafted. Though of course Beranek is not the only player on this team who had a great year, who we can't forget to mention are Jst Maro with 60 points drafted 62nd in S55 as well. With all good offense comes amazing defense and Quebec is not short on that either where they have probably the best pair in the league as most of us could agree, Jari Heikkinen and Boris Petrov. The pair has boasted a +49 and +50 with stands at the top of the rankings, Heikkinen who is more of the point getting achieved 36 points while Petrov using his huge body has been an amazing shut down player to watch making 122 hits and 50 shot blocks through Quebecs season. Between the pipes Quebec had Mat Smith posting a .920 and 31 wins on the season in just 41 games. 

While Quebec seems to be more point getting offensively Anchorage takes a slightly different approach in a way as they didn't put up as many points but what they lack there they make up in being a hard team to score against. Starting with the goalie this time they had Chimkin Tendy who played almost all of their games this season at 53 and winning 33 of them recording a .920 matching Quebecs Smith. Tendy who towers in at 6'8 is a pretty unique goalie as he comes from Serbia which is very uncommon to see but is always welcomed. As for Anchorages defense their top pair consists of Igor Victory and Gregory Goode, Victory who is from Finland finished the season with 33 points and a +39 as well as an incredible 108 shots blocked. Goode on the other hand who is a bit more of the point getter of the two putting up 39 points with 13 of them coming on the powerplay moving the puck around from the point and feeding his players around the net. Now for the Offensive side of the team we see the Russian Slava Petrov leading the team with 54 points but as I said before with this team being heavily defensive Petrov is no different putting his body in front of 77 shots as well. Honorable mention goes out to Theo Kondos who almost had a 30 goal season being just behind at 26 but might have to rest his arms after recording 220 shots on goal.

So now we see what made each team that made their way to the top of their divisions and how opposite of ways they have taken, It will be interesting to see how these teams play out in the playoffs and which one will be taking home the cup unless of course we see a lower team who is hungrier for the cup then them come up and snag it from right out of their hands.

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Great read! Certainly 2 very tough teams, it wouldn't be a surprise if one of them took the Cup!

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01-12-2021, 10:49 PMImYolo Wrote: Great read! Certainly 2 very tough teams, it wouldn't be a surprise if one of them took the Cup!
Thank you! Will be fun to watch everything play out

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