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It's been a year on the site, AMA

Answered @SewingWithNancy, @Geekusoid, @PremierBromanov.

Might elaborate more, but making some headway.

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you have more posts and threads in one year than i have in two and a half

not a question just an observation

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Top 3 tanktops you own and why?

If you could change one aspect (only one) of the shl (sim,site,etc....) what would it be and why?

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Hopefully these haven’t been asked already, but I look forward to reading through your answers later.

What did your username stem from?

When you FIRST saw this league, what was your FIRST thought? I know you said Reddit between work, could be fun, blah blah. Your raw reaction is what I want. 

At what point did you decide to go from, or noticed that you had went from a casual user to someone who is incredibly invested and influential in the league?

If you could change one thing about your stay, what would it be?

When is the girl joining up?

When’s the OF being released?

What were your first thoughts when creating HTT, and what about it kept you into making those podcasts?

What is your second most memorable moment in the league?

Who is your fourth favourite user in the league?

If you were to change Jimmy Wagner’s name, what would you change it to?

Under which circumstances would you GM somewhere other than Carolina?

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So actual questions this time:

Why are you a fan of the NHL teams you are?

What moment has been the most impactful in your SHL career?

What is your favorite part of the Carolina Discord? What about LAP's?

You've caused quite the stir since coming into the League with your dedicated nature, how does the pressure to keep performing make you feel?

What do you think LAP's future looks like? What about Carolina's?

OnlyFans when?

What is the most important attribute in each of the Offensive, Defensive, & Physical categories?

Will the Kraken D&D campaign ever happen?

What advice would you give to somebody just starting out?

How do you think SHL HO has done for the betterment of the League lately? And SMJHL HO?

FMK: Overdoo, Smatt, Gumba

The Events team put a fantastic intro to the Playoffs out, are there any other projects you guys are working on? Can you shed more light on the rumors about a change to the draft?

Is it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

What J GM do you enjoy working with or playing against the most?

Do you feel you have any rival teams, be it in the J for Carolina or as Jimmy on LAP?

If you as a person played hockey, would you be a forward like Wagner? Or a different position?

If you get to it in time, Challenge Cup predictions? Four Star predictions? Stanley Cup predictions?

Can we get more cat photos?

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Thanks to OrbitingDeath, Esa, Mook, Carpy48, Wasty, Reynolds, and many more for the sigs!

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How impactful is it for you to get familiar management in Los Angeles when you did? The rumours were out there that you would go to free agency, so I'm mostly looking on the elaboration on what made you want to stay in LA.

Hows it going being events head? Got a bomb ass video out and I love everything about it. Related question, any future plans as events head you can talk about?

Free agency frenzy presented by the SHL?

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01-13-2021, 01:01 PMluketd Wrote:
01-13-2021, 12:05 PMbbjygm Wrote: How many days have you been on the site? Hours? Minutes, seconds, milliseconds?

Click on their user and you can see for yourself

Yeah, just asking a dumb question cause I have nothing to contribute lol (was going for 1 yr = 365 days)

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