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To Monarchs
Johnny Shuffleboard
S62 BUF 2nd*

To Stampede
S62 MIN 1st

*This pick will only be traded if Johnny Shuffleboard does not sign a contract extension with the Minnesota Monarchs

Shuff was a great success story for us and has been everything you dream of and more since he came back from his vacation during his draft year. Minny is getting a great young player here who we would have loved to retain and I am sure he is going to make us regret ever trading him.

[Image: TomenRecreate.gif]
Thank you all for the amazing sigs & player cards
[Image: germany.png][Image: raptors.png][Image: stampede.png] [Image: vhY18i8.png][Image: Raptors.png][Image: gs89eGV.png][Image: stampede.png][Image: raptors.png][Image: germany.png]

Eduard Selich Bojo Stats

3. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 5 (Maximilian Wachter, Alexis Metzler) at 16:25
5. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 6 (Steven Stamkos Jr., Brynjar Tusk) at 19:48
8. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 7 (Brynjar Tusk, Alexis Metzler) at 13:55
9. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 8 (Anton Fedorov, Mikelis Grundmanis) at 15:12
10. Buffalo Stampede , Eduard Selich 9 (Dickie Pecker) at 19:43 (Empty Net)

buff and 1st rounds,
name a more iconic duo

[Image: japan3.png][Image: vhY18i8.png][Image: nBgNUTY.png][Image: japan3.png]
[Image: ErmcfJN.png][Image: tnlastatine.gif][Image: C9eUxOw.png]
[Image: S55BuffaloStampede.png]

Another one .-.

[Image: Grum45.gif]

..... Bro..

[Image: sve7en.gif]

[Image: 1tWWEzv.png][Image: 8zFnf2t.png][Image: 6Lj3x8E.png][Image: xkAdpbO.png][Image: xnZrhKU.png][Image: 9YigPG2.png][Image: bpYxJ69.png]
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Welcome to Minnesota @mee ! We're excited to bring another young defenseman on board to solidify our line-up in the near future, and our ambitions in the long run! Monarchs

Quick edit to also thank @Tomen and @WannabeFinn for the negotiation

[Image: KlusteR.gif]

Chiefs Monarchs Lions Berserkers Switzerland

[Image: qGhUIfY.png]    [Image: e0LuHwa.png]    [Image: dGD5tIx.png]

Special thanks to @Carpy48, @Geekusoid, @Turd Ferguson and @fever95 for the signatures!

Dread it. Run from it. The Shuffleboard-Snail defense pairing is eternal.

Best of luck in Minnesota, Shuff! I look forward to running you over on the ice.

[Image: Hartmann_Sig.png][Image: Championship_Sig.png]
Sig credits to @Nokazoa @DELIRIVM
Quote:2;717;William Hartmann receives the pass in stride and he's in on a breakaway!
2;717;William Hartmann makes his move...
2;717;It's across the line!
Quote:Game 2, S56: TOR @ EDM
11:52 2nd: William Hartmann (1) assisted by FR Finn-Rhys (3) and Karlstrasse Scholz (2)

Shuff :(

[Image: blurrybad.jpg]
[Image: 73yuff8.png]
Thank you Brandon, Fish, GeckoeyGecko, Karey, Kit, takethehorizon, and Ragnar for the sigs!



[Image: pppoopoo.gif]
Thanks to @karey and @JSS for the sigs!


Good luck to shuff, great guy.


Drain the lakes

[Image: WzzhGnr.png][Image: image0.jpg]

[Image: image0.png][Image: UMRTITC.gif]

another first :dab:

[Image: Evok.gif]
[Image: X1byvfg.png]



Best of luck in Minnesota @mee , you’re going to knock it out of the park with this opportunity
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do lotto teams just enjoy helping out roster situations for the best teams or something? really mind blowing

Fuck me. Stop trading with Buffalo and Hamilton. If you stopped helping them they'd have to dump assets for nothing.

[Image: 56096_s.gif]
Credit to Ml002, King, Wasty, Carpy, Bruins10, Rum_Ham, Turd Ferguson and Enigmatic for the sigs.
Inferno Specters Wolfpack Platoon Armada Scarecrows Uk
[Image: LzSKESC.png]  [Image: 1fyFUeT.jpg]
[Image: LdjYunU.jpg]
[Image: Wz1yk9Q.jpg]
[Image: zUMyjU9.jpg]

01-22-2021, 03:37 PMAcsolap Wrote: Fuck me. Stop trading with Buffalo and Hamilton. If you stopped helping them they'd have to dump assets for nothing.

[Image: ScottyFresh3.gif]
Credit to @Geekusoid, @rum_ham, @Carpy48, @enigmatic, @BDonini, @honkerrs, and @DELIRIVM
[Image: 6QlU4ci.png]
[Image: Niz2wua.png]  [Image: PlcJv9V.png]

01-22-2021, 03:37 PMAcsolap Wrote: Fuck me. Stop trading with Buffalo and Hamilton. If you stopped helping them they'd have to dump assets for nothing.

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: vhY18i8.png]| [Image: q95r3bg.png]
[Image: 55729_s.gif]

First SHL Goal
7. Buffalo Stampede , Hippo Passamus 1 (Charles Walker 2, Viktor Marius 1) at 17:11


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