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S60 [G] Osada Tamura- Update Thread

+2 TPE - Activity Check 

+3 TPE - Weekly Training 

213 + 5 = 218 TPE

+2 Poke Check (5 -> 7) 

Unspent TPE: 11 TPE

Updated! However, since the numbers in your player page and the ones you've given me do not concord at all, I requested an audit on your updates.

For now, from what I can see following this update, your total TPE is at 206, with 16 banked TPE.

[Image: KlusteR.gif]

Chiefs Monarchs Lions Berserkers Switzerland

[Image: qGhUIfY.png]    [Image: e0LuHwa.png]    [Image: dGD5tIx.png]

Special thanks to @Carpy48, @Geekusoid, @Turd Ferguson and @fever95 for the signatures!

+3 TPE - Activity Check 

213 + 3 = 216 TPE 

Unspent TPE: 11


Activity checks only give you 2 TPE, so your new TPE total is 208 and you have 18 unbanked TPE if you follow the numbers the previous updater gave you.

[Image: 0vpvQej.png]


+2 TPE - Activity Check 

208 + 2 = 211 TPE

Unspent TPE: 20

Updooted! Kraken

Total TPE: 210
Banked TPE: 20

[Image: 1PU6YuX.png]
         [Image: JiycRrd.png]

+2 TPE - Activity Check
+3 TPE - Weekly Training

211  + 5 = 216 TPE

Unspent TPE: 25 TPE


There were no links for your claims but I found them in your banking and on the AC page! Please add your links so anyone who needs to see them in the future can find them!

[Image: 8F99koM.png]


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