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S58 SMJHL PT #5 - Highlight Reel

You've done a lot of cool new things this season - what's on your highlight reel?

Written option: Tell us about at least three things on your highlight reel from this season - they don't necessarily have to be things you did on the ice, though of course those are acceptable (150+ words).

Graphic option: Make a graphic of your #1 highlight moment from this season, whatever that may be. Must include a render of some kind (but if that's a Paint stick figure, that works) and be intelligible.

4 TPE for doing the thing. (Just one of the options, not both.)

Only S58 SMJHL Rookies (S59 SHL Draftees) are eligible for this PT.

Do NOT claim TPE for this task until a post has been made in the claim thread.

Link PBE or NSFL submissions here to get credit for affiliate claims.

Deadline  Sunday March 14th @ 11:59 pm EST

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First SHL Goal:
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Cormac Pónaire hasn't had the season he was hoping for, especially after slacking a week and not hitting the gym much last week. His highlight reel won't feature as many on ice moments as he'd like, but that's going to be on him to work on.

His favorite highlight was by far the rookie dinner that the team put on. It was a great time to get to know his fellow rookies, and a great bonding opportunity.

His second highlight, while not really much of a highlight in the grand scheme of things, was coming out of the tunnel and onto the ice for the first time. It was a dream come true, for a guy from a little town in Ireland to be able to make it onto a professional hockey teams roster.

His third highlight is another cliché highlight - scoring his first goal of his career. It's one of the moments that he wished his parents could have been in attendance to see, but he's even more excited about when he has a first goal in the SHL for his parents to be in attendance.

[Image: oCwtzxv.png]

My top thee things from the season.

well being a true rookie here, not just my player create, but new to this entire sim league thing I have a lot of cool firsts, heck everything i did or seen this year was a first for me.

1) I have to say watching the sims live with the team mid-day most often is memorable fun, the banter and cheering and everything is pretty cool. Getting to know some of the guys some too has been fun in the locker room, cool experience.

2) The draft it's self, I had zero idea what to expect for the junior draft, I had talked to 4 or 5 team GMs previously and it was a unique experience, again being new all first for me... I remember waiting to see when I would get drafted, my original hope was inside the top 30, I slipped (in my own mind) to 32 but got nabbed by the Zerkers and I could not be happier, great team, fun supportive group and have been happy with my time with the team I ended up where I belonged I do feel.

3) My own personal stats for my player, Sabarro Torretta. He is having  fantastic rookie season! 2nd on the team in +/- and 8th in the entire league with a +29 as of right now. And the points and goals have been coming as of the last half of the season as well, been fun to contribute in a few ways as a rookie d in this league. I certainly have a great d-partner and the team as a whole is one of the better ones in the league but I feel like I am helping and contributing which is a great accomplishment as a true rookie.

301 words

Oh boy, my highlight reel. That's a fun one because really this season has been a blast, even if the Kraken have not have the greatest of seasons.

I would say my top highlight so far this season was going from a user who would probably be doing the bare minimum (and if you looked at me the first two plus weeks of the season, not even that much) to not missing a single PT the last few weeks. It has been fun to see my player get better, and while I will never be able to commit to here like I have in the ISFL, this has still been a great way to get away.

Highlight two is definitely on the ice, and that is how my lovely little Left Defenseman Gino Lombardo has become a bit of an enforcer for the Kraken, just like I had hoped. He's got one of the highest Defensive Game Ratings of all rookies (was the top last I checked) and has the second most fights in the entire league. He's got some spunk and he's definitely scrappy, and I love it.

My final highlight this season has definitely been becoming a more active member of the Kraken locker room. I've told the team this many times, but getting drafted to Carolina is what resurrected my time here as a user. I'm very active in the ISFL, so to have a team that's full of ISFL users and General Managers has been great. It's been like my little vacation home where I can just be another user and not an authority figure.

I can think of three big highlights from my season. The first is my first goal, which was scored against Anaheim. It wasn’t really anything special, just a simple wrist shot, but like the cliché goes, you always remember your first, and seeing how happy the entire team was made it special. The second highlight is my assist on Samuel Savage’s 1st goal. Our newest free agent, Savage had been looking for his first, and I was finally able to help him get it in our game against St. Louis. But the biggest highlight was in overtime against Colorado. With about 10 seconds left in OT, I went into the corner and hit Ruggs Mcooooh, freeing up the puck. I went off for the change so Gretzky could come on while Bas picked up the puck. Bas dumped it to Gretzky, who found Sandeen for the goal with two seconds left in the game. A huge win that everyone in Newfoundland will remember as possibly our biggest highlight of the season, and I was able to start it with a hit.

181 Words

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[Image: GWxiRET.png]
Japan Japan  Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan


As a rookie for the Detroit Falcons, Podan Podanović has seen some highlights in the past several months.

As a young boy out of Plsen, Czechia, Podan always dreamed of being drafted to the SMHL. Being drafted to the Falcons was the first step in realizing that dream coming true. From the minute he stepped off the plane in into the waiting arms of United States Customs and Border Patrol custody, and was eventually rescued (and have a pint with the boys!) by his new squad mates, Podan new he had found his home.

The highlights just kept coming, with Podan registering a shut out in his second ever game in net, on nearly forty saves to boot!

Unfortunately, the SMJHL does not keep assist records for Podan, so there is no official record of his next highlight, registering three assists in a single game.

Podan always takes his passing seriously, and achieving this was a lifelong dream come true.

(160 words)

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Being on a team just starting a rebuild means lots of ups and downs for Miguel Hefeweizen and his Maine Timber teammates this season, and not a lot of moments that many would consider highlight worthy. The first thing on Hefe's highlight reel would be his first goal, both of the season and his SHL career! While exciting it was unfortunately the team’s only score of the game, and the Timber fell against the Berserkers 6-1. The next thing on Miguel’s highlight reel would be his first game star, from a 4-0 win over the Scarecrows in which Miguel had both a goal and an assist, along with a whopping 7 hits! It was a great game for the Timber. The final thing on Miguel’s highlight reel from this season would be the great friendships and camaraderie that have developed in the Maine locker room. It’s been a long season at the bottom of the standings but the team has definitely improved and there is nothing like a little adversity to make a team stronger. And there’s always the possibility of an upset in the playoffs!

186 words

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Sig credits: sulovilen, dasboot, fever95 (x2), & OrbitingDeath
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The highlight for Pasta the Turtle would be joining a very competitive Zerker team, but also being able to contribute right away along with the rest of his impressive rookie class. Winning is everything, and this young group is winning and shows no signs of slowing any time soon. A personal highlight would be the number of hits Pasta is piling up. Started the season in the top 4, and while his hit rate has slowed a bit, he is still in the top 15ish of the league, and one of the top rookie hitters. Offence was never a big priority, so leading his new team in hits as well as blocks has been a minor point of pride. That being said, the overall team record has been the real highlight, including some big wins over Quebec City, and recently against Kelowna. One final highlight is Pasta's defensive partner Matty Sandeen making the all-star team. He has been a force on the ice, and a mentor to the rookie off of it.

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Coming into the league past mid-season, as a rookie among rookies, is a difficult proposition no matter where you're coming in from. Grinding away on the Raptor's bottom line, Nystrom's season highlights have been quiet, seeds planted rather than flowers in bloom. Even so, deep in the trenches of Colorado's playoff push, the Swedish greenhorn has found reasons to celebrate.

The first highlight of the year was the signing itself. Passed over entirely in the previous draft, Nystrom saw nothing to do but turn it up in his native Swedish league and hope to get noticed. More than one GM came knocking, but putting pen to paper with the Raptors was the first real step of his hockey career.

The highs of that signing carried him through a difficult season to date. He's hammered his way through opposing zones, reduced his penalties, and blocked shots, but aside from the punishing hits he's made it his business to lay at least one of every game, the highlight of his introductory season in the league was his first, and thus far only, goal. Against the Raptors' bitter rivals in Anaheim, Nystrom set up to screen in front of the net, then found the puck on his stick after a rebound. His instincts took over, and he roofed a backhand over the gloveside shoulder of Vincent Mietitore. The red light went on, but, in an ironic representation of his season itself, the goal drew no cheers aside from his teammates. He has yet to record a point in front of his home crowd.

The third highlight of his season, in another bit of irony, came off the ice. When another latecomer, Hail Bingus, signed with the Raptors, Nystrom was unsure of his place in the lineup when Colorado's GM called him into his office. However, the GM told him that he was being moved to his preferred left wing, and that his locker room contributions alone were as valuable to the team's future as his offense would be when it clicked.

For now, Nystrom is happy to grind out the year on the fourth line, earning his place on the team with sweat and blood, corner battles and open-ice hits. For the last highlight of the season, the newly restored left wing power forward has his eyes on a greater prize, one he aims to bring to his team no matter the cost.
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Sven's had a pretty eventful first year in the league, and after getting off to a slow start he's been picking it up lately with 16 points for the Vancouver Whalers. He's proud of going positive on the year so far, with a +9 to date even though the team is struggling with a -20 goal differential. He's also been living vicariously through Rookie of the Year candidate Alexis Saint Michel, helping to set up a lot of his goals on this final stretch of the season. His third highlight has been a bit of a boring one, but becoming a steady foundation for the team averaging 22 minute of ice time per game lately. It's been satisfying to see all the cardio work pay off, and through his +/- and point contributions, it's been obvious that Sven is having a positive impact for his team when he's on the ice and catching up to the pace of the game after a slow start, something that will only get better as time goes on.
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Videl Valor has had a bit of an underwhelming compared to most of her peers in this draft class. However, she does have a few highlights that defined her season so far, although it isn’t much.

1. Joining the league. Easily one of the best things to happen to me is joining this sim league, as the moment you make your player is when you become part of what I call, a second family, you’re welcomed with open arms.

2. Coming to Anaheim. The next big step in your SHL journey is selecting a SMJHL team for your player to join. I took the best offer available, which the lovely folks in Anaheim did. And they welcomed me with open arms.

3. Scoring your first goal. Getting your first career goal might be your best goal you’ve ever scored, even better than a Game 7 OT goal in the challenge cup. But for me to get in my first ever game is quite crazy.

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PBE Affiliate

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The first highlight of my season was the SMJHL draft. It was the first time I attended such a big event. It was incredible to see all these really good young hockey players coming from all round the world to all be in the same place with the same level of excitement while we wait to get our name call.

The second highlight of my season was the first time I set foot in Detroit. I was amazed to be in such a big city compared to the city I came from in Norway, and it was overwhelming at first, but my teammates and my billet family where I live help me to quickly get accommodated to my life here.

Finally, my third highlight was when I scored my first goal this season. This is where I finally felt like I was contributing to the team effort and that my teammates could start to value me.

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Salzberger Lillehammersson

Anders Christiansen
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