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S59 SMJHL Entry Draft

[Image: SMJHLLogo4.png?width=579&height=500]

Date: Sunday, April 11th, 3 PM ET

Stream Hosted by  @"Halkohol”

At around 3 PM ET stream will be live at

A hour before the draft at 2 PM ET will be spent running marbles as well as interviews with GMs and maybe even other guests. Also, stay tuned for talk and potential interviews after the draft is done to hear thoughts about the draft and the coming season.


SMJHL Entry Draft

Round 1

1: Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws (via NBB) - Stan Din'desque
2: Timber Maine Timber  - Duncan The Walrus
3: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles (via STL) - Greyson Cooper
4: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn (via ANA) - Maxwell Carrigan
5: Whalers Vancouver Whalers (via CAR) - Uhtred Ragnarsson
6: Whalers Vancouver Whalers  - NeverBrokeAgain YoungBoy
7: Raptors Colorado Raptors  - Gonzo Gobbledygook
8: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows (via QCC, via DET) - Marcel Beck
9: Falcons Detroit Falcons (via NLB) - Zak Wilson
10: Knights Kelowna Knights  - Satoru Gojō
11: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows (via ANC) - Maverick Seabrook
12: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles  - Ryan Gardner

Round 2
13: Timber Maine Timber  - J.J. James Jamerson Angler
14: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows  - Nikolai Ayerzov
15: Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws  - High Haschdi
16: Kraken Carolina Kraken  - Bjorn Bjorn
17: Kraken Carolina Kraken (via VAN) - Osada Tamura
18: Kraken Carolina Kraken (via COL) - Lucas Raymond
19: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn - Jimmy Larkin-Conway
20: Armada Anchorage Armada  - Mikhail Novikov
21: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles (via DET) - Alfred Yankovic
22: Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws (via NLB) - Daniel Merica Jr.
23: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles  - Hail Bingus
24: Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws (via KEL) - Zhen Roza

Round 3
25: Kraken Carolina Kraken (via MET) - Roderic Banes
26: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows  - Mars Stanton
27: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn (via ANA, via DET, via ANA) - Anton Harrier
28: Timber Maine Timber (via CAR) - Philip Demitra
29: Whalers Vancouver Whalers  - Olof Karsikko
30: Raptors Colorado Raptors  - Eric Tokke
31: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows (via QCC, via NBB) - Igor Isyanov
32: Armada Anchorage Armada  - LaTrell Mcdonald
33: Armada Anchorage Armada (via DET) - Benjamin Jansson
34: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers  - Evil AllBran
35: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles  - Darrell Niskala
36: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn (via KEL) - Harley Fank

Round 4
37: Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws (via MET) - Jonathon Hagan
38: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows  - Jeffrey MacCabe
39: Raptors Colorado Raptors (via ANA) - Karl Detloff
40: Whalers Vancouver Whalers (via CAR) - Isiah López
41: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn (via VAN) - Léon Doucét
42: Raptors Colorado Raptors  - Josiah Hansen
43: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn  - Wet Jeans
44: Whalers Vancouver Whalers (via NL via ANC ) - Elvis Alexander
45: Falcons Detroit Falcons  - Mike Doctor
46: Whalers Vancouver Whalers (via NL) - Gio Marsh
47: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles  - Kerbal Rais
48: Falcons Detroit Falcons (via KEL) - Janis Pācheks

Round 5
49: Timber Maine Timber  - DJ Lord
50: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows  - Major Chip Hazard
51: Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws  - Igor Bursov
52: Timber Maine Timber (via CAR) - Miles O'Brien
53: Whalers Vancouver Whalers  - Mikael Andersson
54: Raptors Colorado Raptors  - Alexander Rask
55: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn  - PASS
56: Armada Anchorage Armada  - Toejam Picker
57: Falcons Detroit Falcons  - Bugsy O'Hoolihan
58: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers  - PASS
59: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles  - Andrew Jackson
60: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles (via KEL) - Kevin Newman

Round 6
61: Timber Maine Timber  - Siris Gruggsson
62: Scarecrows St. Louis Scarecrows  - PASS
63: Outlaws Anaheim Outlaws  - PASS
64: Kraken Carolina Kraken  - PASS
65: Whalers Vancouver Whalers  - PASS
66: Raptors Colorado Raptors  - PASS
67: Battleborn Nevada Battleborn  - PASS
68: Armada Anchorage Armada  - Dustin Alexander
69: Falcons Detroit Falcons  - PASS
70: Berserkers Newfoundland Berserkers  - PASS
71: Citadelles Quebec City Citadelles  - PASS
72: Knights Kelowna Knights  - PASS

                                                                                                                             GM of Canada in the WJC S56
                                                                                                                            S56 WJC Gold Medalist GM/Player for Canada
                                                                                                                                 [Image: zFE0mSA.png][Image: HKi05IH.png]
                                                                                                           [Image: Gumbaman.gif]
1;544; Kai Ichinose puts it home! That's his first of his career
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Usa  Raptors  pride

Pick me for sure

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Battleborn Scarecrows pride syndicate Raptors Czechia

04-05-2021, 06:25 PMGrapehead Wrote: Pick me for sure

No me

Citadelles  [Image: kcP9WEd.png][Image: DNLeeu0.png]  Citadelles
[Image: eOgn1c0.png]

Raptors drafting at 7th OA, thats a good spot to draft IMO. H Y P E Raptors

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Retired players:
Toki Wartooth
Drafted 6th round, 35th overall SMJHL by Kelowna
SMJHL S19 President Cup
Drafted 2nd Round, 21st Overall by Toronto North Stars
S35 Champion

-Nathan Explosion btw, semi-decent career but didn't keep track of it

Outlaws pew pew

Pick Stan!

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[Image: g7VtVXX.png?1]

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Pick 69 or bust


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Undrafted or bust

S2, S5, S18, S22 Challenge Cup Champion
Hall Of Famers: (S7) Alex Reay | (S28) Daniel Merica
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LW- Daniel Merica Jr.
TPE: 232

im so ready!

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[Image: giphy.gif]

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Timber Timber Timber Timber Timber

[Image: MaineTimberLogo4.png]

With the second-overall pick in the S59 SMJHL Entry Draft the Maine Timber are proud to select...

[Image: 94KKkXx.png]

Timber Timber Timber Timber Timber

[Image: 9RzR4Xk.png]
Timber Rage Timber Rage Timber Rage Timber Rage Timber
[Image: vrlRgHl.png]

04-06-2021, 06:53 AMInf1d3l Wrote: Pick Stan!

they did

[Image: poGIuLO.png]
[Image: zIKeuN7.png]
[Image: X6NDpNM.png][Image: 6eXcLdf.png]

This has been updated, please let me know if there are any mistakes

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Thanks to OrbitingDeath, Esa, Mook, Carpy48, Wasty, Reynolds, and many more for the sigs!

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