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[S60] Ty Murphy's Update Thread

Not sure how you found that extra 1 tpe for your bank but it's wrong, you claimed 10 tpe this update and your bank is at 11. TPE total is also 303.


Character Page RD- Quarterback
[Image: micool132.gif]

Retired players:
Toki Wartooth
Drafted 6th round, 35th overall SMJHL by Kelowna
SMJHL S19 President Cup
Drafted 2nd Round, 21st Overall by Toronto North Stars
S35 Champion

-Nathan Explosion btw, semi-decent career but didn't keep track of it

[Image: lUeg4KM.png]
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PT Survey (+1PTE)

Activity Check (+2TPE)

Total TPE: 303+3=306

Available TPE: 11(previous bank)+3=14


TPE: 306

Player Attributes

Points Available: 1

Offensive Ratings
Screening: 5
Getting Open: 10
Passing: 14
Puckhandling: 14
Shooting Accuracy: 10
Shooting Range: 9
Offensive Read: 14

Defensive Ratings
Checking: 12
Hitting: 5
Positioning: 13
Stickchecking: 12
Shot Blocking: 5
Faceoffs: 14
Defensive Read: 13

Physical Ratings
Acceleration: 13
Agility: 13
Balance: 13
Speed: 13
Stamina: 14
Strength: 13
Fighting: 5

Mental Ratings
Aggression: 5
Bravery: 5
*Determination: 15
*Team Player: 15
*Leadership: 15
*Temperament: 15
*Professionalism: 15

*Indicates attributes that cannot be edited.

Bank 1.

[Image: NI78UUy.png?width=400&height=267]
[Image: unknown.png?width=603&height=388]
[Image: Skree.gif]



GM of Canada in the WJC S56
S56 WJC Gold Medalist GM/Player for Canada
[Image: zFE0mSA.png][Image: HKi05IH.png]

[Image: Gumbaman.gif]

1;544; Kai Ichinose puts it home! That's his first of his career
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Weekly Training (+5TPE)

SHL Personal Coaching (+28TPE)

Training Camp, 8 Days (+24TPE)

AC (+2TPE)

Championship Week (+16TPE)

Total TPE: 306+75= 381

Available TPE: 1+75=76

Bank 30

DISCLAIMER: The player builder tool tells me that this build works perfectly at 350 (, But for some reason with my TPE at 306 before this update, these upgrades put me at 351 by my calculations.  I do not understand why, maybe a math mistake in the past?  I have checked all my attributes next to the player builder tool and everything checks out.  If for some reason I am making a 1 TPE too many mistake, Take my shooting down from 9 to 8 to make up for it, please and thank you.

Shooting accuracy +7 (10 to 12)

Checking +5 (12 to 13)

Defensive Positioning +12 (13 to 14)

Stick checking +5 (12 to 13)

Defensive Read +12 (13 to 14)

Shot Blocking + 4 (5 to 9)

[Image: NI78UUy.png?width=400&height=267]
[Image: unknown.png?width=603&height=388]
[Image: Skree.gif]


Updated! Your build adds up to a clean 350 so everything checks out.

[Image: mazatt.gif]

[Image: KhdDH3Q.png] [Image: q4PM2XX.png]
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Activity Check (+2 TPE)

Mock Draft (+7 TPE)

Weekly Training (+5 TPE)

Total TPE: 381+14=395


Bank: 30+14=44

[Image: NI78UUy.png?width=400&height=267]
[Image: unknown.png?width=603&height=388]
[Image: Skree.gif]


Updated! Had your bank at 31 with the previous update so you're now up to 45.

[Image: traphag2.gif]
(sigs courtesy of Carpy48, BDonini, Turd Ferguson, and FlappyGiraffe)
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AC (+2TPE)

3x3 #1 (+2TPE)

Mpt song lyrics (+2TPE)

Weekly Training (+5TPE)

PT Wikipedia edits (+3TPE)

Primetime #1 (+2TPE)

Total TPE: 395+16=411

Bank: 45+16=61

[Image: NI78UUy.png?width=400&height=267]
[Image: unknown.png?width=603&height=388]
[Image: Skree.gif]



[Image: KlusteR.gif]

Chiefs Monarchs Lions Berserkers Switzerland

[Image: qGhUIfY.png]    [Image: e0LuHwa.png]    [Image: dGD5tIx.png]

Special thanks to @Carpy48, @Geekusoid, @Turd Ferguson and @fever95 for the signatures!

Activity Check (+2TPE)

Weekly Training (+5TPE)

PT #2: Total Recall (+3TPE)

mPT #2: Opposite Day (+1TPE)

Total: 411+11=422

Bank: 61+11=72

[Image: NI78UUy.png?width=400&height=267]
[Image: unknown.png?width=603&height=388]
[Image: Skree.gif]



[Image: 8F99koM.png]

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Activity Check (+2TPE)

PT#4 (+3TPE)

mPT#4 (+1TPE)

Weekly Training (+5TPE)

Primetime #4 (+3TPE)

3v3 #4 (+1TPE)

Total TPE: 438+=453

Bank 88+15=103

[Image: NI78UUy.png?width=400&height=267]
[Image: unknown.png?width=603&height=388]
[Image: Skree.gif]


@Pickle Juice please keep your updates in 1 post for each week (if it gets missed or something like that, just continue adding to it) Smile


[Image: leafs1997.gif]
[Image: Eo2nBCt.png] [Image: gs89eGV.png] [Image: QtEp67y.png]

AC (+2TPE)

Training (+5TPE)

Total TPE: 453+7=460

Bank: 103+7=110

[Image: NI78UUy.png?width=400&height=267]
[Image: unknown.png?width=603&height=388]
[Image: Skree.gif]


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