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S59 mPT #3 Resume

I could talk about intelligence and learning ability, as well as saying that I'm tough and willing to do any job, none of which would be directly tied back to sports. I could also talk about my skills in customer relations, a fancy way of saying fan service.

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Please go here to see Sven's updated resume. He spent many days on it, working with his previous agent to come up with many fancy words without mentioning the sport which shall not be named.

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In my opinion, the skills/traits most associated with being a star hockey player are being self-absorbed, having a big ego, and using anintense selfishness to be the star player on any team and leave your teammates in the dust. Therefore, I think a career in Youtube or Twitch streaming should be a perfect fit considering the cutthroat environment and devilish characters that rule those platforms.

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I have spent my 21 years hardening my body, mind, and soul through very rigorous training and physical activity. In doing this, I have had an increase in skill when doing things with my hands. With that, I am quite explosive with my legs. That is a prime reason why I believe I can do extremely well in this field.

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This is an easy solution. You don't need to mention hockey at all, while still being able to relay that you played hockey. All you need to say is ice puck or roller puck. Boom easy

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Kaapo Kampainen's skill set includes being more than apt at using a broom, especially if you want to cover a large surface. He can also use a mop if that's more your thing, but he can really move that mop around effectively.

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I can translate my earning into showing future employers that I'm hard working and very dedicated to anything I set my mind to. I may not be the smartest tool in the shed but I'm quick and dedicated.

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Nour is pretty hot ngl

EVO: Man, if I ever find myself barred entirely fromt the SHL, I guess I'll become a professional esports gamer or caster. Fighting game scene, watch out when I arrive.

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Aleks Blixtstrom has always had a second passion of ice dancing. He has amazing skating skills from his time as a boy in northern Sweden. Aleks has what it takes to be an Olympic figure skater.

36 words

Being from Norway, Adam Scianna would likely be a fisherman or work up in the mountain in norway, something out of the city where he could work outside

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I think Friedland would probably be a radio host or host a cool podcast because that seems like something with this guys name would do. Maybe he’d have 2 other handsome hosts

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