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SMJHL mPT#3 - Geography

I am from the United States. A useless fact about our country is that Crater Lake is the ninth deepest lake in the world by maximum depth, and third deepest by average depth even though it does not rank among the top 200 lakes in the world for surface area.

I live on the east coast of a country many may not of heard of, the United States of America. And uh according to google One in eight people in the United States has been employed by McDonald’s.

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[Image: lIYTYDN.png] [Image: 9pUocRs.png] [Image: tCcIWQC.png] 
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I live way down south in the state of Florida in the United States. One of the nice things about where I live is that you can be outside year round as it is always somewhere between 60-1,000,000 degrees outside.

[Image: H8o0KcV.gif]

Duncan The Walrus hails from the mother land, or better known as Russia. An interesting fact about Russia, is that here the Walrus hunt you, rather than people hunting walrus. Do people hunt Walrus? I am not sure but, Duncan definitely remembers going out with his friends and having a good time!
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What is there to say about the great country of Norway? Well we like otters and hard work. Sadly we don't have the beautiful blondes of Sweden.

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Credit to Copenhagen, Wasty, FlappyGiraffe, InciteHysteria, and caltroit_red_flames
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Hello there, I am from Canada. What makes my country special is the amount of unexplored area all across the country. A useless fact about Canada, is that a part of it is on Mars

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