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(GRADED) Deep Dive #2 - Kelowna Knights
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Deep Dive #2 (S59)
Kelowna Knights

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For this Deep Dive I chose to take a look at the Kelowna Knights.  As a rookie to the league and not really understanding how things work, I was intrigued by how the Knights were dominating the SMJHL.  At the time of writing this article, the Knights stand on top of the standings with a rather spectacular 25 - 5 - 1 record.  Their 51 points is 6 better than the Detroit Falcons and they have 3 games in hand, 31GP as compared to the Falcons’ 34GP.  

It should come as no surprise that the Knights boast 3 players in the top ten point producers with Cian McFelter leading the league with his 41 points.  McFelter is a bit of a beast in that he has some pretty high totals for some of his performance attributes. For example, he sports a 14 in Shooting Accuracy.  Coupled with 13’s in Getting Open and Passing, Mcfelter is quite an offensive threat.  But, what was more revealing, was the amount of development that was put in to McFelter’s physical attributes.  13’s in Acceleration, Balance, Speed and Stability certainly complement and enhance the performance attributes mentioned earlier.

Cian McFelter is accomplishing all this while playing only an average of about 17 minutes per game.  His Corsi For % is 69.8, which means that when McFelter is on the ice his team registers 69.8% of the shot attempts.  You can extrapolate from this stat that the Knights pretty much dominate the offensive zone with McFelter on the ice.  With a +26 McFelter is rocking the league.  He will definitely make an impression on the SHL when he arrives.

Another player who is shakin’ and bakin’ for the Knights is Robert Feltersnatch. ( Initially I wondered about the similarity in these two R-rated names, but eventually dismissed the thought as inconsequential.)  Feltersnatch , with 33 points, is ranked fourth in the league in terms of point production.  He shows real strength in his physical attributes of Balance (13), Speed (13 and Stamina (14).  The high Stability rating allows Feltersnatch to play almost 24 minutes per game.  He is a +24 player and has a Corsi For % of 68.  As with McFelter, the Knights dominate play when Feltersnatch is on the ice.  I wanted to see if these two players were on the same line (which would not surprise me), but was unable to locate that information.

What is a little surprising and, perhaps, a little concerning is their goal tending.  Benjamin Blue II has played in more than ⅔ (21) of the Knights’ games.  His record is an excellent 18 - 2 - 1.  As I mentioned in a previous Deep Dive, one of the most telling stats regarding goaltending is the goalie’s Goals Against Average.  Blue has a GAA of only .889.  By way of comparison, Bigga Foryu, who plays for the tenth place Maine Timber has a GAA of .907 having played only one game less than Blue.  This suggests that the Knights are winning games based on offence as opposed to defending particularly well.  This might be an area that the Knight’s management may have to address in the future.  For now, the old adage applies….If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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