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Season 59 Hall of Fame Ceremony

Esa has been a part of basically my whole time on this website, since he drafted my first player, Michael Boychuk to the SHL. I can without a doubt say that I wouldn't have stuck around if it wasn't for him. I wasn't entirely active for the whole duration of Boychuk's career, and Esa willed me to come back in full swing. We won many championships, and I had a great time in the locker room. He's always active in the LR, and always looking out for guys in DMs as well. I can't say enough about @Steelhead77 as a GM, as a player, or any other capacity in the SHL.

This induction was obvious and well deserved.

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Another S31 Hall of Famer!

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06-11-2021, 05:45 PMKenitohMenara Wrote:
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Esa Anrikkanen - 100 Votes

Career Regular Season Stats: W: 1040| L: 592 | OT: 152 | P%: .569

Career Awards:
6x Challenge Cup
4x President's Trophy
9x Cole Reinhart Trophy
1x Lance Uppercut Award
3x Joe McKeil Award
3x Lance Uppercut Nominee
8x Joe McKeil Nominee

Like in any business or sport, teams crave consistency and structure. It makes everyone from players to front office staff believe in a team's mission. That is what a GM is supposed to do. Provide that structure and framework for that team to thrive. Of the many great GM’s that have been in this league, the Calgary Dragons have been blessed with arguably the greatest GM of them all in Esa Anrikkanen.

A man that scouted, drafted and cultivated his team to many years of excellence, just listing off all of Esa’s accomplishments is a feat in itself. 6 time Challenge cup winner, 4 time presidents trophy winner and a nominee for individual awards more than 30 times, Esa has seen it all and done it all as a GM in this league. The man had this almost mythical ability to not only find talent but retain it. He could keep players on board season after season, negotiate pay deals and excellent trades, he could give players the right development and minutes to thrive and grow. He did everything for Calgary and he made it look so easy.

If you ever want to be a GM in this league, look up his writings and his work in this because quite simply, there is none better to ever to do it than him… and, you can argue that no one can ever do it like him again. He truly stands alone.

Esa, Calgary and the SHL forever thanks you for your work.

Congratulations!!!! … amazing to be recognized as a hall of famer in so many areas of this site… what an extraordinary legacy.   Bowdown  Cheers


@KenitohMenara amazing show! Great job!

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