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(S59 Class) GM - Steelhead77

[Image: ANRIKKANEN.jpeg]

Career Regular Season Stats:
W: 1040| L: 592 | OT: 152 | P%: .569

Career Awards:
6x Challenge Cup (S27, S29, S32, S40, S42, S50)
4x President's Trophy (S30, S35, S36, S49)
9x Cole Reinhart Trophy (S27, S29, S32, S33, S48, S40, S42, S47, S50)
1x Lance Uppercut Award (S36)
3x Joe McKeil Award (S30, S33, S39)
3x Lance Uppercut Nominee (S33, S35, S49)
8x Joe McKeil Nominee (S25, S26, S31, S35, S36, S42, S49, S56)

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[Image: OckmShr.png]

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