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[S61] Jonas Johansson Player Update

The goalie update scale is a little different than the skater version. Going to 14 costs 15 TPE not 12. I banked all of this since you do not have enough to get there.

[Image: kpALfz6.jpg]
Gritty McGritterson Player Page
Gritty McGritterson Update Page

S53 Four Star Cup Champion- Detroit Falcons
S56 Challenge Cup Champion - Hamilton Steelhawks

676 * 9% = 60.84 = 61
676 - 61 = 615

TPE: 615

Player Attributes

Points Available: 2

Goalie Ratings
Blocker: 13
Glove: 13
Passing: 9
Poke Check: 10
Positioning: 16
Rebound: 16
Recovery: 16
Puckhandling: 10
Low Shots: 13
Reflexes: 16
Skating: 13

Mental Ratings
*Aggression: 8
Mental Toughness: 14
*Determination: 15
*Team Player: 15
*Leadership: 15
Goalie Stamina: 15
*Professionalism: 15

*Indicates attributes that cannot be edited.

[Image: 60859_s.gif]
Aleksi Kettu
[Image: 7MO9RpC.png] || [Image: gdppv5N.png]



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