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S60 PT #3.5: Appreciation
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Attention SHLers, if you completed PT #3 or posted an affiliate/PT pass in the PT 3 thread before it was locked, you have done your PT for the week and are not required to complete this task. They will be graded together. Thank you.

I had the PT 3 written up since Friday and posted it yesterday pretty excited for it. I thought it was fun and creative, and would create some awesome submissions. From what I've seen so far, I was correct, most were silly and none of them were really heavy or dark which was nice to see.

However, last night the tragic death of a Columbus Blue Jackets player occurred, you can read more here:

24 is way too young, and though I personally did not follow his career, he had a bright future ahead of him and will be missed by friends, family, fans, and the hockey community alike. Although the timing of this PT is purely coincidental , it would not sit right to leave it up for the week. That is why I am creating PT 3.5 for users who had not yet submitted something for PT 3.

Written Task: Write about the users and friends you have made in this league during your short or long time in the SHL. Whether you've made a few close friends or hundreds, this is a very welcoming community and it is easy to make friendships with almost all users on the site. Now is the time to appreciate what we have in this life and the souls we've bonded with, even through a screen. Feel free to tag them as well, as you never know when some kind words can make someone's day. (150+ words)

Graphic Task: Depict 3 or more of your friends on the site, using their chosen render and player/user name and some hearts and other cute things.

You will receive 3 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.

All responses are due on Sunday, July 11th at 11:59 CST.

Affiliate claims from either PBE or ISFL are accepted; link directly to your post and note if your username is different there.
If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me.

This task is for SHL players and send downs only, it is not for SMJHL rookies.

Thank you for those who reached out to me about the previous PT. I was already in the works with this one but it is good to know there are people who will come to me if they have suggestions and/or advice about something. If you ever have compliments, criticism, or just want to talk, you can reach me at the discord listed in my profile. Thank you.

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PBE Affiliate PT

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I could honestly start name dropping a lot of people but I am just really lazy and I do not want to. I will keep the list short and sweet and if I miss you I am sorry I still love you.

First of all, and the SFP locker room will collectively roll their eyes, we have @Zema. My Swedish friend, I absolutely love you and you are probably my closest friend in the SHL and I am sure that you are quite well aware of this. I honestly find joy in talking to you every single day and legit think we have a good thing going.

@Jumbobone19 . Oh Jumbo. We were drafted together to Colorado and ended up creating a friendly little rivalry with eachother, now that we are on different teams the rivalry has died down but the friendship still remains. I could say a lot more but you know how I feel about you, and I am glad to have met you!

@Halkohol, you are still my second favourite, haha you know what I mean <3 <3.

@Ace. Thanks for drafting me and being an amazing member of the wolfpack and WJC HO which you brought me on. I am thankful for you having faith in me as a user, and for ultimately being a stand up guy. I enjoy bothering you however, even if you say its not bothering because that is just how I am.

To my new friends on the SMJHL HO team, you guys are amazing and it honestly feels like I am part of a family over there. Everyone one of you deserves a pat on the back for how amazing and welcoming you have been, and I am so happy to be a part of the team.

To the New England Wolfpack, all of you are amazing in my book. I love talking with you all, and spending time in the locker room. Thanks for making me your captain and having that kind of faith and love for me. You guys are my Pack family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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PBE Affiliate PT +3 TPE

ISFL affiliate PT

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While I feel like I'm not super close with very many people in the league, there are still some I would call friends and even more users I've had great conversations with over the years - without actually knowing them that well. I’m usually a person who tries to get along with most people somehow, no matter how little we have in common. However, when it comes to writing things about people individually I have to admit that I'm not good with that - especially since I always have the feeling that I would forget someone in the end and nobody wants that. In a broader sense I can say that pretty much all the individuals I’ve met in various discords are great people (with very few exceptions). Nevertheless, those select few of you who actually 'know' know me, well … you know who you are (hence no tags here), because we usually have more in-depth one-on-one chats that I prefer, as you probably know already. Thanks.

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One of the best aspects of the SHL is the people who make up the community and I remember when I first came on board I was greeted kindly by many. Here it is, over two years later and I have drifted from some of the friends I initially made and I think a lot of that has to do with my commitment to the site overall. Unfortunately, life has evolved so that it does not allow me the same amount of time and I also have lost the motivation to write like I used to. I am currently just riding the wave until I am no longer needed and while that sounds sad I am still grateful in my heart for the people who helped guide me along in the beginning and of course for the Panthers locker room that has been so supportive and helpful throughout. Much like others I don't want to only tag a few people as I don't want to take away from all of those who have had an impact on me and I think if I tagged everyone it would take up most of my PT, and so what I will say is this-- I appreciate the type of person the SHL attracts and I also appreciate the time I have spent here. So thank you SHL, for being my friend.

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Since joining the site I cannot say enough great things about how amazing the community is. After joining the S55 class as a first gen I was able to Share a locker room with @AgentSmith630who is completely invested in the site and is an all around great locker room presence. I also want to give a shout out to the entire Maine Timber Locker room as everyone there is amazing and I didn’t want to miss anyone there. Also joining the Pride the same time I was with Smith was @sulovilen this guy does absolutely amazing graphics and has been kind enough to make each of the 3 signatures I have had on this site. He is truly an artist and once again a great guy to have in the Locker room. Now I had heavy crossover between my first two locker rooms and when I moved to Philly this offseason it was like starting from scratch as I knew only Patrick Shepard who was also a Maine Alumni. @honkerrs and @Acsolap have both been fantastic with the expansion team and put together a great group! They have really made this new team feel like home and I look forward to see what we can accomplish in Philly this year! I feel I have left out so many great names from this list but I unfortunately I don't have the time to write up about almost everyone I have encountered on this site because it is such a great community.

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I have been here for like 9 or 10 months, I cant remember correctly. Despite that, I have made some great connections and first of all the biggest salute goes to @Mr. Finland for bringing me in and being there to chat about SHL and stuff
Right off the bat when I created my player @sve7en contacted me about joining the Carolina Kraken. Rest assured I was a noob and needed all the help I could get, which he was able to provide - and the result is that my guy projects to be top-10 in his own draft class. Huge cheers goes there
One of the guys we have had a great time in Carolina's locker room, and eventually in Calgary's locker room was @ACapitalChicago - awesome dude all around and always around to talk

And to all of you guys who did not receive a mention, you know that this includes you: love yall.

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ISFL Affiliate

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Firstly, let me echo the comments made by Slash regarding the untimely and tragic death of Blue Jackets goalie, Matiss Kivlenieks.  24 years young with a promnising future.  A tragedy indeed.

As far as appreciation is concerned, when I read the requirements I felt like a groom at a wedding when the microphone is thrust into his hands and he has to thank a bunch of people.  By listing specific names, and trying to thank everyone, one runs the distinct risk of neglecting to mention a person..  Having said that, I would like to reach out and thank the senior members of the Colorado Raptors and the Tampa Bay Barracudas for ensuring that I am doing things the way I am supposed to.  As well, for checking in with me to make sure that I don’t miss any TPE earning possibilities that can frequently (as far as I am concerned) get overlooked.  These same people are the ones who I thanks again for giving my player an opportunity to “strut his stuff” in the SMJHL and hopefully later in the SHL.  Both quality organizations.

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