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(GRADED) Deep Dive #1 - Top Steals of the S60 SMJHL Draft
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The SMJHL Draft is often a crapshoot for GMs, as an influx of new users in a short time before the Draft can make it very difficult to get a thorough scouting report on each player.
There are always a few hidden gems who slip through the cracks but turn into solid players and users. Perhaps they come in with a chip on their shoulders wanting to prove the doubters wrong and punish other teams for passing on them, or perhaps they are just late bloomers who take a bit longer to figure it all out but then go off once they get a handle on things.

Either way, the S60 Draft was no exception. As we near the final stretch of the regular season, we are already able to see a number of players who have outperformed expectations and elevated their stock as the SHL Draft approaches.

Here is a look at 12 players who have made their teams ecstatic with their dedication to improvement as the season has progressed:


Sebastian Weiss @dylanjj37 +51

Drafted 5th Round: 60th Overall by Kelowna Knights
Currently 9th in TPE count

A recreate with lingering questions about his commitment to earning based on the track record of his previous players, Weiss has so far destroyed that perception by staying in the top 10 earners on the season. The KNights have got to be thrilled that they took a chance on him. Perhaps those doubts will be erased when it is SHL teams turn to pick.


Sean Stevenson III @Obsidian311 +28

Drafted 3rd Round: 34th Overall by Kelowna Knights
Currently 6th in TPE count

Kelowna does it again, sniping a recreate who perhaps slid under the radar. Stevenson's previous players were maybe never superstars, but he knows his way around and is showing to be committed to being a top prospect and should generate a lot more buzz in the SHL Draft as one of the top available forwards.


Darwin Koff @Lobbanet +28

Drafted 4th Round: 39th Overall by Vancouver Whalers
Currently 11th in TPE count

The biggest First Gen steal of the draft class, Koff has been a monster, completing every PT as well as generating some great media to build his bank account. He isn't likely to slip down this far in the SHL Draft if he continues on his current trajectory he could easily be a 1st round pick.


Max Manning @jay2233 +23

Drafted 5th Round: 56th Overall by Colorado Raptors
Currently 32nd in TPE count

Another First Gen who was perhaps unfairly overlooked in the early rounds, Manning has not let it slow him down as he continues to earn and contribute media to keep his bank account lively, Manning should be a great target in the second round for some lucky SHl team.


Landon Fischermann @efishermann +21

Drafted 3rd Round: 35th Overall by Vancouver Whalers
Currently 14th in TPE count

Fischermann is yet another First Gen who is making SMJHl GMs regret letting him slide, the Whalers jumped on him in the 3rd round and he has shown that it was a smart move. With a fat bank account due to some solid early media, and a dedication to doing all PTs, including deep dives, this is another player who will be generating a lot of buzz as the draft approaches.


Jamal Nightingale @academydropout +20

Drafted 4th Round: 44th Overall by Colorado Raptors
Currently 24th in TPE count

Another recreate who came back after a spell of inactivity, Nightingale has so far continued to earn steadily despite being relatively quiet on the media front. GMs who have a long memory though will know what he will bring to the table and he should be a solid pick in the late 1st or early 2nd round.


Donald Jr Trump @Junior +20

Drafted 3rd Round: 32nd Overall by Colorado
Currently 12th in TPE count

Colorado showing that they did their homework in the Draft with their 3rd big steal. Perhaps the Trump name will become more well-known if he continues his progression to becoming a top hockey player! If Jr keeps up his current pace he should have SHL teams salivating over him!


Eddie Kastrba @hewasajazzman +15

Drafted 3rd Round: 30th Overall by Carolina Kraken
Currently 15th in TPE count

A recreate whose past player was very good, perhaps the influx of GM recreates chosen in the first 2 rounds caused him to drop a bit past where he could have gone, but that hasn't slowed down Kastrba as he has been steady earning and putting himself in a position to be a first round pick.


Big Newff @Big Newff +15

Drafted 4th Round: 38th Overall by Maine Timber
Currently 23rd in TPE count

Maine was in a position of needing to add quite a few rookies to their roster, but not having a pick until the 3rd round. They needed to make their picks count, and they did with these next 2 guys on this list. Newff is a First Gen who has kept at it steadily including some early media pieces to build up some bank. With still one Deep Dive to go, he can vault himself up the rankings even further if he can keep going strong into the offseason.


Luca Kovacsova @Slav1cThor +15

Drafted 5th Round: 52nd Overall by Maine Timber
Currently 37th in TPE count

The second Timber to really outperform his draft place selection, this is a great value pick in the later rounds as he has generated a huge bank account so far and completed most if not all of his Point Tasks. It is a huge testament to him that he stayed encouraged and active despite falling in the SMJHL Draft, and with Defense always being a valuable position, he should see much more hype as teams look to add an active player in the second round.


Atticus Hale @the5urreal +9

Drafted 2nd round: 14th Overall by Carolina Kraken
Currently 5th in TPE count

He wasn't a late round steal, but the presence of Hale has been huge and it is a shock that he fell out of the first round. He does everything including media, graphics, all his PTs, and should be a legitimate top 5 pick in the pending Draft.


Leons Briedis @monochroma +8

Drafted 1st Round: 12th Overall by Kelowna Knights
Currently 4th in TPE count

It's tough to say a first rounder is a huge steal, but Briedis from the beginning stood out as a huge presence in this Draft class, and has been pushing the whole season to establish himself as a potential future franchise blue-liner. It just goes to show that Kelowna really made out in this Draft as even their top picks have been gangbusters and helped the team as they looked to reload after a championship season.


It is perhaps not surprising to see that a lot of these players were all drafted to the same few teams: Kelowna, Colorado, Maine, Carolina, and Vancouver all have multiple players shining bright and exceeding their draft selections. Is it just luck, or are these teams doing their scouting homework and finding those players who slip past the other teams?
Whatever the case may be, it will be exciting to see if there are similar steals in the SHL Draft and how it will all play out!

@Muerto GRADED! +5 TPE

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-Nathan Explosion btw, semi-decent career but didn't keep track of it

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Raptors Great write!!! Thanks for the wonderful analysis on me!

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Thanks to @Drokeep for the sig!
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Nice work.

RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother.

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call us the vancouver steal-ers

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Great read!

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Thank you for the kind words. I understand why people were hesitant to draft me. Thanks to the Raptors for giving me a chance. Winning!

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gonna assume im the biggest steal since im listed first

Nice writeup, but where's Kroustis? Drafted 49th, top 20 in TPE.
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If you made this just a few days later, I would have been +37 since I’m 19th overall TPE, 2nd biggest draft steal. Smh.

All jokes aside, great write up

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07-21-2021, 05:37 PMAir Crou Wrote: Nice writeup, but where's Kroustis? Drafted 49th, top 20 in TPE.

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