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S60 mPT #5: Simulation Heist League

Shit like this makes me sick. Who does he think he is? Bragging about his 400 million bucks, while the rest of us fight for table scraps, barely able to feed our starving tpe addictions. I, for one, am tired of the top 1% not only hoarding the wealth but rubbing it in our faces.

So lets do something about it.

Your task: Assemble your heist crew out of SHL users. Label each member as the brain, the brawn, the wild card, or any other important role you can think of.
Feel free to tag your crew if you are comfortable doing so.

25 words minimum!
You will receive 1 TPE for fulfilling all requirements.
This PT will close Sunday, July 25th at 11:59pm CT.
If you have any questions/concerns, please PM me. Tasks with malicious intent will not be graded. Don't be mean to me :(
This PT is for SHL players and send downs only; it is not for SMJHL Rookies.

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Thank You Carpy, Weretarantula, Geekusoid, Leviadan, sköldpaddor, Turd Ferguson, Ragnar, rum_ham, Asska, and kentakira for the Sigs.

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@Tylar would help distract the bank tellers by asking them to help him find the entertainment schedule, allowing me to sneak past them and find the vault.

@juke would be da brains of the mission and help figure out the layout of the bank and also keep watch outside in a shady looking van.

@Clean Andrei Kostitsyn would be the brawn of this mission and take down all da security guards with his clean moves

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Thanks @teztify, @simo_393 , @Ragnar , & @frijolhead for the sigs!
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The crew will only be me. I am the entire brains and brawns of the entire heist. That way, I don't have to split the money with others. The plan? Go to the commish's house and beat him up (sorry Luke) until he gives me his bank information. If any cops come? I'll just beat em up as well. Foolproof plan.
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Your task: Assemble your heist crew out of SHL users. Label each member as the brain, the brawn, the wild card, or any other important role you can think of.

For my heist crew I have assembled the following:

The wild card - Would be myself because I never know what I can accomplish

The brain - Keygan, I hope he uses his mug to come up with a solid plan

The brawn - TommySalami, he's still active being a S43 player and he is very buff from what I have seen

(59 words).

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Thank you @Drokeep for the player signature! 

Its time to wrangle us some monies.  My crew would be wide spread of individuals with a track record for tom-foolery:

Mastermind: Ace @Ace
You can't have a posse without a good outlaw involved.  I figured the leader of the current outlaws would be a good person to initiate our plan of attack.

Logistics:  Me
To succeed, you kind of need a guy that knows how to get things, particularly in this day and age of technology.  They don't call me "Geek" for nothing.

Muscle(s):  None other than my defensive partner, and big hitters, Pojo Biscuit @.bojo and Slip McScruff @Scrufdaddy
When you need something taken down, or someone taken out.  Know who's doing the heavy lifting.

Egress:  Jimmy Wagner @sve7en.
Who else to drive the getaway vehicle than the fastest guy in the SHLNobody else knows how to speed away and elude the coppers the way that Jimmy does.

Lastly, the Diversion:  For this I'll would need a couple highly competitive, and attention grabbing individuals....people who can make a scene (sometimes from the penalty box).  For that I'd need Zayne Rotzbua @inverted and bruiser Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette @Your Mothers Favorite Goalie.

That money is as good as ours!

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the first person i would assign to my crew would be luketd, since he is so good with data he would be able to gather information on....oh shit.

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The brain: Sven Svechnikov, best Sven means having the best brain. The wild card: @visceralpotamus, no one ever expects the turtle. The master of disguise: @taterswc, he's been on the run for years, so we'll never be caught.

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My team would be trella nic cal and overdoo because they are my friends. We would all be the brains cuz we r smart and none of us are brawn because we're all lil baby bois

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the brain @boom - The obvious mastermind
the brawn @Lobbanet - Our fight loving enforcer
the brawn #2 @taterswc - our big D hitter
the driver @Dextaria - I think dex got some experience from driving sims, hopefully
the wild card @Nokazoa - Maybe noka can craft some suits or pictures for us?
the alien @nyumbayangu - Never hurts to have an alien on the crew
the motivator @steveoiscool  - Ofcourse our captain will be the one to motivate us
the sniper @Lorec - He hits his shots, same thing, but with bullets? maybe?

we ain't fucking up, or maybe we will idk

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Big thanks to Pythonic(first sig evah), Sloth(first LAP sig<3) and Ragnar for their sigs<3
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Brains: Oisin Fletcher & Alexandre Coquerelle @Evok @Faelax - As the GMs of QCC, Fletcher and Coquerelle are experts at devising plans and leading their heist team or hockey team to success.

Brawn: Bjorn Jakobsen @siddhus - An absolute unit of a player. Bjorn will intimidate anyone who stands in the way of the heist and complete the most difficult tasks with muscle and heart.

Wild Card: Narboza Manyhands @nyumbayangu - Who wouldn't want everyone's favourite Sardangian to join in on a heist? Nobody knows what skills Manyhands might bring to the table.

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Thanks to @enigmatic, @Matteo, @sulovilen, and @zeagle1 for all the sigs!

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Myself - The Wild card. If I don't know what I'm doing, then that's the truest wildcard out there.
@bdu754 - The Charm. Nobody can say no to Yosh.
@notorioustig - The Tech. I think Tig has a home office. I trust his tech capabilities.
@reid - The Brain. Reid can help us outsmart everyone with his testing.
@Gwdjohnson - The Brawn. Anyone who can break a ceiling by himself and a bathtub deserves to be recognised for their jackedness.

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The heist crew:
The brain: @golden_apricot he's a nerd and goes to school for fun.
The brawn: myself cause I'm a Chad and I'm tough as fuck
The wild card: @Bongo sex

[Image: lazer2.png]

the brain: @Gwdjohnson for winning with THE BOYS in net
the brawn: @Ragnar who's legit jacked
the brawn again: @ThisSeemsFishy because TURG STRONK
the aboslutely crazy batshit one: @Acsolap, no explanation needed
the leader: me because i get shit done
the german: @Tomen who'd use his natural efficiency to aid in stealing luke's money
the certified public accountant: @JumpierPegasus who would use his money skills to hide our stealings
and finally the secret weapon: @dogwoodmaple, noted jack of all trades

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ty to @honkerrs, @sulovilen, @HanTheMan_, @sköldpaddor, and @Ragnar for the sigs

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