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S60 mPT #5: Simulation Heist League

Brain: Hockeyiscool (Dwight Knight) 
Brawn: Fitted (like dude c'mon, he'd kick your ass)
Wild card: Trella (absolute fruit cake  Tongue)
This heist crew would absolutely demolish anyone in our way.

[Image: smol.png][Image: W83Snwt.png]

My crew only needs the addition of one member: @thiefofcheese . I mean damn, the man has "thief" right in his name. Together (and by together I really mean just thief) there isn't anything we can't steal. Wait, what? You're telling me that thief is only good at stealing cheese? Well that ruins everything.

[Image: DrbPYHV.png] [Image: UDyqktK.png]

My heist crew wouldn’t be a crew at all cause loose lips sink ships. Solo solo baby. But I would maybe cut in mori cause he’d make a good fall guy

[Image: bolobillshlsig.gif]

For my heist, the brains would be @sve7en. He runs the Kraken masterfully and would be a great planner of the heist. The looks and distraction will be @slothfacekilla. The guards wouldn't be able to resist him and get distracted. I would be the brawn and get everything out.

The key to a good heist is a small team that knows how to get the job done smoothly and not make a scene afterwords. 

Me to blow the safe
@Jumbobone19 to control the crowd
@hhh81 to distract the cops
@LordBirdman to drive
@Talls to hack 
And @micool132 for moral support

[Image: 88rZOpR.png] [Image: mcoooh2.png]
 Player Page    Updates 

the brain: @ml002 The Anal god of lineups
the brawn: Can I pick me? If not I pick my two padawans @Hall  and @Negs
the wild card: This has to be @honkerrsHe's a wild goose crazy man

I would be able to rob anything.

[Image: juniped_shl.gif]
[Image: jZtKPwK.png]  [Image: Thz4BYW.png] [Image: RyzkmSj.png]

My crack team of professionals would be myself, @Ace , and @Zomp. Ace to come up with a plan, while me and Zomp just kinda stumble through the mission.

[Image: DrbPYHV.png]   [Image: B4x6AQm.png]
Scarecrows Russia Wolfpack

Rest In Peace Dangel

1st SHL Goal - S52 Game 1 vs Tampa 3. New England Wolfpack , Jakub Bruchevski 1 (Eko Van Otter 1, Delver Fudgeson 2) at 8:10

[Image: EeTYwVS.gif]

Ill steal the fuckin money from luke myself. Dude likes to flex so much that he carries those fat stacks on him at all times. Eat the rich baby

[Image: pppoopoo.gif]
Thanks to @karey and @JSS for the sigs!

Okay so 100% having Pat, AKA Gino Lombardo, on my squad. Mans a tank, punches everything that moves. I want Luke on my team so he can bribe everybody with his mega billions. I don't even care what we're stealing, what can't be solved with money can be solved with violence, and vise versa, so we have every situation covered here

Brain: @Gooney

Gooney is a mastermind and I think he could be smart enough to pull of a heist. He might be even planning one right now
Brawn : @Waters

is anyone stronger than H2O?

Wildcard : @JSS

Jss is the ultimate wildcard, he could even run into Gazebo

In order to rob Luke we're gonna need an Ocean's style cast.

I'll be the brains and face, Mr. Ocean.

@AgentSmith630 would be Frank, the charming dealer

@hockeyiscool would be my infiltrator a la Yen

@Mazatt would be my protégé

[Image: sve7en.gif]

[Image: 1tWWEzv.png][Image: 8zFnf2t.png][Image: 6Lj3x8E.png][Image: xkAdpbO.png][Image: xnZrhKU.png][Image: 9YigPG2.png][Image: bpYxJ69.png]

The mission: steal a bunch of dog food and toys for dogs that need them.

I'd be the muscle.
Goilers would be the brains behind my outfit.
Katarn22 would provide the dramatic music.
Guriinwoodo will be the getaway driver because I believe he has quick reflexes.

If this goes wrong Katarn22 can also play us a nice jailhouse tune. Some Folsom Prison Blues on an accordion, anyone?

Word Count: 67

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