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S60 All-Star Teams

As announced on the SMJHL Awards Show:

First All-Star Team
F - Alexis Saint-Michel
F - Makrus "The Tater" Jager
F - Robert Black
D - Gregory Goode
D - Aleksandrs Balcers
G - Evgeni Petrov

Second All-Star Team
F - Noel Blanchet
F - Evil AllBran
F - Mikhail Novikov
D - NeverBrokeAgain YoungBoy
D - Shion Okamoto
G - Olof Karsikko

All-Rookie Team
F - Towelie
F - Austin MacWard
F - Atticus Hale
D - Conner Tanner
D - Tanner Fox
G - Willie Miller

Here are the results:

[Image: lespoils.gif]
2;1154;Wrap-around try by Jean-Uhtred Ragnarsson-Tremblay...
2;1154;Ragnar-Alexandre Ragnarsson-Tremblay fooled, Jean-Uhtred Ragnarsson-Tremblay scores!
2;1154;It's his first goal this season...

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