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S61 PT#4- Attributes

On past players I have always prioritized being a pass first player for the most part, enabling my teammates to be the flashy stars and pulling the big numbers, which has never been a bad thing but I’ve always wanted to be the number one option on an SHL team, so with Gabe Gooney Waters Harrak I’m definitely trying to be remembered as a pure goal scorer, ideally one of the best of this generation in the SHL. To enable myself to do this, I’m prioritizing all of the stats that will put me in a position to be more goal oriented rather than pass or defence oriented. Shooting Accuracy, Getting Open, Positioning, and Offensive Read are all the big ones for me, and the hope is that if surrounded with the right line mates, I can really make a name for myself as a top tier threat whenever I’ve got possession of the puck.

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**First GM in SMJHL history to win 3 Four Star Cups back-to-back-to-back**

Prompt 1

Whew, this one ends up being quite the flip for our hero Teddy Murphy.  From the get go all of a sudden the league is running around with builds that resemble STHS (or whatever the acronym is) instead of FHM.  Then beyond that digging into the build I've put together for Teddy Murphy he gets much more offensive and should probably consider making a switch to forward.  He won't be able to score but having 71+ in Getting Open, Offensive Read, Passing, and Puckhandling means we may just see some Gretzky level assists in the SHL.  On the other hand defensively Murphy becomes a lot more suspect with 51 or fewer points in Hitting, Positioning, Shot Blocking, and Faceoffs.  That just sounds like a liability to me.  Mentally a player who entered the league with a ton of PIMs and fights doesn't get more aggressive but is now a coward with only 11 bravery.  Sheesh.

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Prompt #1: If the attributes got flipped, not much would change for my player. My offensive and defensive awareness would both be high at 81. Hopefully that means that I would be a lock for the best defenseman award. Heck maybe even be a leading scorer in the league. The main thing that would change would be how aggressive my player is. I would likely get a lot more penalties than I'm used to. And I would get in a lot more fights if it was rated up to 50. I would be a league heavyweight at that point and knocking out fools left and right. On the least useful side, I would up my faceoffs up to 50 which I would probably never use. However my screening would also be up to 50, so I guess I could stand in front of the net on powerplays when needed. All in all most of my stats wouldn't be affected much, which is good because I wouldn't want to suck.

I would want to build a strong player that is going to be hard to get off the puck and maintain possession, I want to keep possession of the puck. I think as a Defenceman that is known to be an offensive dman since I moved from forwarding this season but I want to help my team win and whatever that helps my team wins. I also want to be tough to play against and something that provides some touches so high checking and hitting is great, and moving the puck up the ice with my passing skill. Handling the puck and not moving the puck to the other team or anything stupid, I want to make sure my forwards are getting points this season and start winning games for us. We have a strong offense in hamilton and I want to win at the end of the day, I have the highest +/- in league history.

Well, if you asked me last month, I would say speed an acceleration. I wanted to be the fastest man on the ice. I wanted to skate past everyone and bury it into the net. I wanted to be the Simulation Hockey League Nathan Mackinnon. But things in Los Angeles changed very fast. I needed to switch to defense. Gone were my dreams of flying down the ice and scoring amazing goals. I have to now be a physical defender and prevent people from flying down the ice and scoring amazing goals. I have to invest into exhilarating attributes such as checking, hitting, positioning, stick checking, shot blocking, and defensive read. They will be necessary for me to not be a pylon on the ice and allow millions of goals a season. Hopefully I can protect my net and allow the Panthers to score a million goals a season without having to worry about the goals we allow. Go Panthers

I've chosen to write about the second prompt, even though I feel like I've written about that countless times before. My ultimate goal is to make the best two-way player possible. It's hard to achieve that if your player isn't smart on the ice, so I highly value both offensive read and defensive read as attributes. It doesn't matter if your player is good at checking, stickchecking, passing or shooting if he can't read the situation. To me, the smartest your player is, the better he's going to be. We often hear the term hockey IQ thrown around and how can't teach that to young players, but we're fortunate enough to have this attribute in FHM, so I take advantage of it. Another stat I highly value is balance. It doesn't matter if your player is the best but if he falls all the time, he isn't going to do much. My ultimate goal is to make a hall of fame caliber type of player, or at least be remembered in my team and that's how I want to do it.

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I think theres a lot of important attributes in fhm, offensive read and defensive read are both super important they make your player smarter so you can do more stuff offensively and defensively. Checking is also useful it lets you go take the puck away from the other team and then score, stick checking is similar but instead you use your stick to take the puck away from the opponent, its also super useful. Next is stamina to be able to do all the things offensively and defensively and check other you can't be tired, so you need good stamina. Puck Handling is also important even if you read the play and get the puck you have to be able to control it to give it to your teammates so they can do good things. Speed is also super good, what's the point being able to read and check if you can't get there in time. These are the attributes I value in my player and try to improve by training all season long.

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I actually really enjoy discussing builds - something about min-maxing those attributes is deliciously fun.

One of the most underrated attributes in my opinion is Bravery. The mental attributes in FHM influence the way your player behaves on the ice. So, bravery and aggresssion go hand-in-hand when your player is on the ice. Granted aggresssion, according to FHM, is basically just an influencer of penalty minutes, it still serves a purposes in pushing your player's motivation on the ice.

It seems nearly impossible unless you're min-maxing to reach a Bravery of 19 (which is what I would love for my player - I believe Jack Eichel has the same bravery attribute in the base game). So, for a grinder like Rob Wright, it's all he'll work on in the off seasons until his inevitable regression and retirement.

I would really enjoy if Rob Wright went down as one of the bravest little boys out there.


Platoon Rob Wright Battleborn

Quote: Talk about the FHM attributes you value in your player. What are you looking to train over the season. Over your career? What kind of player do you want to ultimately build and how do you want your player to be remembered. If you are regressing, feel free to look ahead to a future player of yours or reflect on the player you once were.(150+ words)

I will be honest I have not had the best luck with building the kind of player I want. With Vandy I wanted to be a fast moving two way defenseman who had a scoring touch of a Markov but I ended up with an Alexei Emelin. With Davenport, I wanted a Patrick Kane or a Nathan McKinnon but its too early to determine where ill end up even though I already feel like I won't make that level. I know when I retired Vandy, my friends in the Buffalo Locker Room said that he would be remembered as one of the best defensive anchors of all time. A second/third line paring defenseman who could effectively QB a PP/PK and bring along the new kids. I'd be happy to have Davenport remembered the same way. In a way their both like me, I value that I am a team player and someone who can help mentor new players.

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Player Thread|Uk|Update Thread

Jack Kanoff wakes up feeling weird, extremely weird. He has no idea what happened or even what to do about it but he just knows something feels incredibly off judging by the way he felt when he woke up from his deep slumber. Jack Kanoff then gets out of bed, suddenly feeling much stronger, and with much more aggression. Really asserting himself as he puts his two feet down. Now he's on his feet, in a very balanced pose. He steps on a lego brick and doesnt even flinch, thats just how balanced he is. Feeling strange he ends up going by his morning routine, noticing that he feels much more energetic and faster than in the past and he eventually goes about his day until he gets to his daily Stampede practice. At practice he hits everyone, crushing them while playing phenomenal defense. He is able to shoot from the other end of the ice with incredible accuracy allbeit hes hardly open.

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Nour is pretty hot ngl

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