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(GRADED) DEEP DIVE #2 - Bjorn Bjorn Career Analysis
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Carolina Kraken left winger Bjorn Bjorn's user GMs with me in the DSFL, so I figured I'd do a deep dive on his career so far and look at his progression in the SMJHL. Here we go!

Bjorn began his career in Season 59, when he was selected by Carolina in the 2nd round (16th overall). In that rookie season, he tallied 10 goals and 13 assists for a total of 23 points in 66 games. His average game rating was 54, with an average offensive game rating of 56. Carolina had a middle-of-the-road season, with a 32-30-4 record, good for 4th place in their conference, and this was a decent rookie campaign for Bjorn.

In the next season, Season 60, Bjorn progressed nicely, scoring 40 points on 18 goals and 20 assists. His game ratings shot up as well, with an average game rating of 61 and an average offensive game rating of 64, and Carolina improved as well. Carolina finished the Season 60 regular season with a 36-26-4 record, good for 3rd place in their conference.

Finally, as we fast-forward to this season, Season 61, Bjorn's progression has continued, as he has now become a staple of the Carolina Kraken 1st line. Through 37 games, Bjorn has tallied 29 points on 11 goals and 18 assists. Extrapolated out to a full-season projection, that would yield a 20 goal, 32 assist season for a total of 52 points. He has an average game rating of 63 and an average offensive game rating of 67; both improvements from his prior season. One of the only things preventing Bjorn from being even more prolific is his penalty problem. Bjorn has spent a massive total of 49 minutes in the penalty box this season, third most in the league (he is tied for 2nd in fights won, with 3). The Kraken are sitting at 21-14-2, good for 2nd in their conference, and that record projected out would give them a regular season record of 38-24-4, which would be a 2 game improvement on last season.

When we look at Bjorn's current build, he's rocking a solid TPE total of 595, with 170 of those banked for use when he is called up to the SHL. He appears to be earning at a max rate, and as a sim-league veteran, shows no signs of slowing down. Bjorn has opted for a pretty balanced build, which seems to be serving him well, with a high rating of 15 in Offensive Read, and 14s in Getting Open, Puckhandling, Balance, Stamina, and Strength. It's clear that this player values offensive over defensive attributes, which makes sense given his position as a forward. While the all-around build is serving him well in the SMJHL, I feel that he will have to further emphasize those offensive attributes to continue his point tallying in the SHL. With his consistent earning, I have no doubt that he will be able to do so. First, however, he will be trying to lead his Kraken to a playoff appearance and subsequent run, before a potential call-up heading into next season. How will the rest of Bjorn Bjorn's career turn out? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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