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S61 Sarmad Khan Voting

Hello SHL,

Apologies for getting this out so late.

Please fill out the below form to vote for your S61 Sarmad Khan winner. The Sarmad Khan is the Players MVP Award.

The SHL index can be found here if you would like to consult the statistics when voting.

Respond to this thread with your verification word, and you will get 1 TPE for participating.

Voting will close in one ish week (Oct 22). Apologies for the late posting.

- Each person has one vote.
- This thread is for posting your verification word only, please keep discussion outside of this thread. Other commentary will be deleted.
- Voting is for the Regular Season MVP, so please consider only regular season results in your decision.
- This task is open for all SHL players, senddowns, and S62 SHL Draft Class players. S63 DFAs are not eligible for this task
- SHL Awards Committee members may vote, but their votes do not count to the final result
- There will be a claim thread posted following the conclusion of the vote, in the S62 TPE claims thread!



Thanks Wasty, Carpy, JSS, TurdFerguson, Geekusoid and Awesomecakes for the sigs!
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first (one to fall into the pit)
oh yes and the verification is perkele

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My vote doesn't count

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Blizzard Raptors Blizzard Raptors Blizzard Raptors Blizzard Raptors Blizzard

EDM All-Time Leader in Goals, Assists and Points

Verification: Strongo

Rock Strongo - C - #9
Los Angeles Panthers
Season 62
Regular Season - [G 18] [A 47] [Pts 65] [+/- +9] [PIM 18] [Hits 98] [SB 19]
Playoffs - [G 0] [A 0] [Pts 0] [+/- EVEN] [PIM 0] [Hits 0] [SB 0]

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Credit to @Geekusoid, @rum_ham, @Carpy48, @enigmatic, @BDonini, @honkerrs, @DELIRIVM, and @Emiko
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