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[S63] C - Lias Ekholm-Gunnarsson - Update Thread
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Catch-Up TPE: +12 TPE
Activity Check #389: +2TPE
500K Weekly Training: +3TPE
Activity Check #390: +2TPE
Off-Season Fun Time #1: +1TPE
Off-Season Fun Time #2: +1TPE
Off-Season Fun Time #2 pt 2: +1TPE
500k weekly training: +3TPE
Activity Check #391: +2TPE

Current Total: 155 TPE
Added: +27 TPE
New Total: 183 TPE

+5 Acceleration: 6->10
+5 Agility: 6->10
+5 Screening: 12->13
+5 Getting Open: 12->13
+5 Puckhandling: 12->13

[Image: gunnarsoderberg.gif]

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