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S61 Team Sweden Roster Announcement

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S61 Team Sweden Roster Announcement
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden--

It's that time of the year again... IIHF! The Tre Kronor will be repped by savvy veterans at every position and with enough skill to go far. Can the Swedes be golden once again?

With finals finishing up, we are excited to have the team back together for another IIHF run. The best uniforms in international hockey will be trotted out again and you always have to keep Sweden in mind when talking about medals. Some legends are gone from the past – Ola Wagstrom and Gunnar Soderberg for example – but there has been a steady stream of talent bubbling up to get a chance to play for the Tre Kronor. What's interesting about this edition of Team Sweden is how we're seeing generational shifts play out in real-time; there are some veterans here that may take on smaller roles than in the past, while other names come to the foreground. Last season saw the Tre Kroner faithful finish on the podium as they took home the Bronze; being back on the podium was an amazing feeling but they are still hungry and ultimately chasing that coveted Gold. 

"I’m happy for the selected players and looking forward to having the opportunity to work with this wonderful group when practice gets underway. I’m excited to represent Team Sweden in our quest to earn a gold medal. Team Sweden selects players to represent our country in international competition with the skills, character, experience, and desire to win. We build teams that are versatile and resilient in the short, intense competitions we face. We’re fortunate that this group of elite athletes has volunteered to represent us this summer.” new CO First-Name Last-Name said. This is arguably Team Sweden's deepest group of forwards that we are icing. The timing is excellent, too, as the majority of the players are in their primes.  

S61 Team Captains:
*as voted on by players

( C ) Magnus Liljeström

( A ) Karl Krashwagen

( A ) First-Name Last-Name

Without further ado, please welcome the players that will be representing Sweden at the S61 IIHF World Championships:


 Henrik Lekberg Osterman (S50) @Thatguy91 – San Francisco Pride pride

( A ) Karl Krashwagen (S50) @CementHands – Baltimore Platoon Platoon 

( A ) First-Name Last-Name (S50) @gurbs – Philadephlia Forge Forge 

Reid Sutherland (S53) @reid – Seattle Argonauts Argonauts 

Sven Svenson (S53) @LordBirdman – San Francisco Pride pride 

Rikard Hammarberg (S53) @jtam – Hamilton Steelhawks Steelhawks 

Taylor Johansson (S53) @Tayjay – Montreal Patriotes  Patriotes

Jimmy Wagner (S53)  @sve7en - Los Angeles Panthers Panthers

** Juni Panda (S55) @juniped - Manhattan Rage  Rage
Calvin Hobbes (S56) @krazko – New England Wolfpack Wolfpack  

** Jonathan Granström (S57) @Halkohol - New England Wolfpack  Wolfpack

** Dogwood Maple (S58) @dogwoodmaple - Hamilton Steelhawks  Steelhawks

** Rookies [First ever IIHF tournament] 
As always, Sweden is blessed with a glut of elite centers, the Swedes have more centers than they know what to do with, so players such as Last-Name and Johansson swap out to the wings. This is a tremendous advantage for the team when it comes to faceoffs and possession, the latter of which has become a staple of Sweden's international squads during this current golden era.  Scoring should not be a problem with this forward crop as they have many players across the board who can carry the scoring load. Keep an eye out for this group to find their defensive identity and be a tough pack to play against.  Sweden's forwards are charged with playing fast, with an unforgiving forecheck and constant pressure. It has served the program well and this group can execute that plan once again. The order of the top three lines is inconsequential – they're all loaded with scoring talent. 


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jr. (S51) @soulja – Montreal Patriotes  Patriotes
Sven Yxskaft (S52) @kenvald – New England Wolfpack Wolfpack 

( C ) Magnus Liljeström (S53) @roastpuff – Tampa Bay Barracuda Barracuda 

Emilia Bergman (S54) @Renomitsu – Buffalo Stampede Stampede 

Joseph Fantobens (S54) @Fantobens - Texas Renegades  Renegades

Jasper Maximov (S56) @enigmatic - Baltimore Platoon  Platoon

While the forwards are impressive, Sweden's blue line remains its bread and butter. It's arguably the best group of any nation; if this defensive lineup doesn't strike fear into the hearts of opposing forwards, I'm not sure what will. This group of six chosen bring a variety of skills that will keep Sweden's own zone safe while also transitioning the puck to those amazing forwards and chipping in some offense themselves from the point.


A Jobin (S53) @Jobin – Hamilton Steelhawks Steelhawks 

Jon St. Ark (S57) @Arkz – New Orleans Specters Specters

When you've got one of the best goalies in the SHL in net, you're gonna feel pretty good about your chances. Jobin is the obvious starter for Sweden as emoji-man has proven that he is the most intimidating goalie in the world and when he has a superstar roster in front of him, he's practically unbeatable. Backing him up is St. Ark & despite his young age, he has tons of international experience and success.

Sweden Heja Sverige! Sweden

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