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(GRADED) Deep Dive #2 : The Ciarelli Division: Rookies
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Anchorage, Maine, and Kelowna seem to be locked in a battle that will most likely go until the end of the season. Anchorage leads the Division while Maine sits in 2nd and Kelowna is currently in 3rd. With a difference of 7 points between 1st and 3rd and roughly 38 games left in the season, it seems like this division would almost be equal to the group of death in many Soccer tournaments.

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Anchorage drafted 3 players. Combined, they have 24 points. Solid for 28 games played. They have however played Centerman LeCarpetron Dukemarriot II in a defenseman position and both he and Hardcastle average about 18 and a half minutes a game. They are both plus players which shows they are not a liability on the ice and still produce on the offensive side of the game. These two players are developing into top-tier Armada players for the foreseeable future. Pinger Dinger is on the flip side of that. Averaging just under 7 and a half minutes a game and just 2 points in the 28 games Anchorage has played so far. Playing only on the 4th line his minus 4 is probably a huge indicator as to why he hasn’t moved up to any other line so far. Time will tell how his SMJHL career pans out.

Maines one draftee Emerson Porzingis, a second-round pick, has been a very nice addition to the Timber.  Currently entering the 4th line with Rene Pu and JJ James Jamerson Angler. He has collected 12 points averaging 9 and a half minutes a game. He is a plus 7 while also playing on the 3rd 5 on 4 penalty kill unit. Solid and reliable in his own end and also a producer in the offensive zone. With Maine being such a deep team, he may be a 4th liner all season but we should see him slowly start to climb the roster next season. And it’ll be fun to watch him grow.

Kelowna's draft was very solid for them. They wanted size and strength and they got that at 8th overall with Tim Riggins. Playing on the 3rd line with Malach Skoda and fellow rookie Chris McZehrl jr, Riggins has found himself to be a productive rookie. 8 goals and 8 assists, his 16 points and plus 13 show his versatility at both ends of the ice. He sits 2nd in rookie scoring behind Brodhi Utah of Quebec. He averages 15 minutes a game on the ice. Chris McZehrl Jr. probably should have been drafted higher but for whatever reason, Kelowna was surprised to see his name still on the board when they picked him 22nd overall. His 4 goals and 12 assists place him tied with teammate Tim Riggins for 2nd in rookie scoring. His plus 14 screams reliable and both Higgins and McZehrl Jr. play on the top 5 on 4 penalty kill unit. He also averages 15 minutes a game in ice time. Watching both McZehrl Jr. and Riggins on the 3rd line and 1st penalty kill unit has been interesting. The chemistry seems to be growing which will only mean better things for Kelowna in the seasons to come. Mateo Lavoie was Kelownas 3rd round pick. While he only has 2 points his plus 5 and his 4th line ice time shows he can be a solid shutdown player. Used in a Shadow role he has been surpassing expectations as a shutdown player for a rookie with just 26 games under his belt.

It's tough with roughly 27 games into a season to really tell where players and teams end up. However, these 3 teams will be fighting right to the end. It's also safe to say that the rookies of these 3 teams may very well be the difference makers. While Anchorage has their top rookies producing on defense, Kelowna has them playing a balanced game that still allows them to produce. Maine has their rookie producing in a sheltered spot while he continues to grow as a player and produce well. It will be fun to see where these rookies end up by the end of the season.

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