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S62 mPT #3- Bingo

The Sam Siege Bingo Board has all the things to do with me.

Some of the spaces include:
Power Play Point
Weekend day
Still up at 5am
And Talk in the locker room

[Image: SS.png]                                        [Image: image0.png?width=268&height=375]                                        [Image: ACapSiege1.png?width=500&height=362]

- Luffy freaks out about something
- Fish posts disgusting poop water
- Kal orders Korean BBQ while selling something online
- Tomen saying hiho

[Image: kekw.png]
[Image: kekkonen.png]

for this season the free space for the chicago syndicate games bingo might as well be ham scores a goal, another squares would also feature yelling HODL, mentioning turles, and outshooting and losing,

[Image: Kylrad2.gif]
[Image: Kylrad.gif]

I think my Bingo card would revolve around the types of punishments we have seen given out. Failure to start your backup goal x amount of times, trading a pick twice, illegal amount or cap space recorded

[Image: 15Ng51w.png][Image: draNOgf.png]

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SHL Controversy Bingo

- Free Space: HO fucks up a punishment
- Hamilton does literally anything
- New GM makes questionable decisions (usually involving 1st round picks to Buffalo)
- Old GM makes questionable decisions (usually involving 1st round picks to Buffalo)
- Parity
- SHL Awards/Allstar team robbing _______ player

[Image: 5318008.gif]
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