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I Assign Each Citadelle a Gen IV Pokemon

I am once again asking media for their money. I saw the casino money leave my account this morning and I parlayed a bad bet so I'm never seeing that fake money again. So, here I am, just a girl wanting money, about to tell you what pokemon I think each person on the Quebec City Citadelles would be, because I'm playing Brilliant Diamond. We're just doing gen IV guys because I need to limit my choices or I'll go crazy. We've got pictures of all the pokemon! Because I love them! Also in order of position and then season. Gotta be organized.

Lucas Arnold | @LucasArnold | S63 | Budew 
Arnold's still young but he's out there, doing his best. With 14 points, he's pulling his weight and you know he's a solid part of the team that you can rely on, even though there's a long way ahead of them. There's so much room to grow and evolve.
[Image: 406MS8.png]
Bodhi Utah | @Leoben | S63 | Buizel
Utah's a surf police boy and also a mean hockey player. Although a rookie, he has 22 points under his belt and he's solid at scoring and assisting. Buizel's incredibly solid, and if each put the time and effort in to grow, that little dude is going with you on your way to the championship.
[Image: 418MS6.png]
Alex Kidd | @pauadrian | S62 | Pachirisu
You look at a Pachirisu and they have that cute little face but also so much power for destruction. Mischevous little mice guys, but also can throw down. That's Kidd. Solid in a game, can be a little shocking (ha) off-ice. Imagine a Pachirisu singing All Too Well (10 minute version). There you go.
[Image: 417MS6.png]
Brady Bertrand | @BLBertrand | S62 | Bidoof
So we recently found out that B likes beavers and this is really just too perfect. Who's there from you right from the start? Bidoof. Who's going to follow you all the way to the top? Bidoof. When the rest of the team passes out, who's your anchor? Who is there for you no matter what? That's right. Alternate Captain Brady LBidoof Bertrand.
[Image: 399MS6.png]
Aksel Fiske | ME | S62 | Zubat
Sophomore Fiske is kind of floundering, which is a bit of a bummer, but he's also just kind of happy to be here. I feel like that's big Zubat energy. My Zubat is just kind of trying its best and biting a lot. Some bites are good, some bites are not very effective. Same with Fiske; he shoots a lot. Sometimes, not very effective. But the POTENTIAL! Crobat is my absolute favorite pokemon and the fact that it evolves when it LOVES YOU. Fiske is here to make friends and have a lovely career and that's Zubat.
[Image: 041MS8.png]
Joe Burrow | @LSUFAN101 | S61 | Luxio
I have to go with the closest poke to a tiger for our resident LSU superfan. Burrow has a really solid foundation and a lot of potential for growth. Burrow's a great player to have on the team and you can rely on the skater like you would a Luxio - you caught that Shinx right off the bat and it's doing great. You'll keep training with it and see where it takes you.
[Image: 404MS8.png]
Jeff Hopkins | @H0PPY75 | S61 | Haunter
Another solid member of the team, Hopkins carries his weight and more. Quebec slumps really don't affect him, and he'll do his best on the ice no matter the situation. Sometimes I'll see him score when we're down by a ton and it's like he feeds on that negative energy. Haunter lurks and watches and strikes, no matter what's going on.
[Image: 093MS8.png]
Konstantin Selich | @Tomen | S61 | Lucario
Selich's made the top 10 in the league in goals, assists, points, and shots. He's a hot commodity, and I'd argue the current face of Quebec. Who's one of the faces in poke world? Lucario. He's out there, being a superstar in the anime or whatever, I don't know, I don't watch it. But I see a lot of him. He's funky and he's fresh and that's Selich to a T.
[Image: 448MS8.png]
Andrew Jackson | @BloodBatman| S60 | Wurmple
Andrew Jackson is an inactive 155 TPE player, so I'm gonna go with Wurmple. Again, all the potential in the world. Could go a million different ways and end up a Beautifly or Dustox, or just stay a little Wurmple forever. And that's fine! Sometimes you need a little Wurmple on your crew. That's Jackson, filling needs and putting himself out there.
[Image: 265MS6.png]
Greyson Cooper | @goilers | S60 | Gabite
Captain Cooper is a beast of a man and a huge presence. You KNOW he's only going to get more impressive. He's passed his rookie phase, had an excellent season last year, and will absolutely hit beast mode in the big leagues. He went from cute little rookie Gible to the captain of the team, two seasons in a row. Coop is going to be a menace in the SHL and I hope I do not have to face him on the ice. He makes a formidable foe.
[Image: 444MS8.png]
Big Boss | @HabsFan6776 | S59 | Rapidash
Biggy is powerful, wise, and majestic. A seasoned J league defenseman, he also is 2nd on the team in terms of points. The GA/TA is almost 1:1, and Biggy is excellent at blocking, for a forward. He's the beautiful horse of the Citadelles and basically the backbone of the team.
[Image: 078MS8.png]

Not Deadly | @DeadlyPlayer | S62 | Munchlax
You know how you just get a vibe? Not Deadly has big Munchlax energy. Big and can be a bruiser, ready to slam, but also can get out there and get the job done. Deadly has 16 points at the moment, and less than 10 PIM, and that Snorlax potential is awesome. Not Deadly can do it all.
[Image: 446MS8.png]
Kayden Pale | @Crazylemire | S61 | Machoke
Pale is ready for action and he's a fighter, with a win under his belt. 14 points is nothing to shake your head at for a defensemen, and you can really rely on him to get in there and tear it up on the ice. Everything's there, and there's nowhere to go but up!
[Image: 067MS8.png]
Samuel Kjellsson | @Tanner | S61 | Ralts
Ok Ralts is the baby form but it's because of all the potential Kjellsson has. Still on the 350 build, there's many ways Kjellsson could go. Also Kjellsson's doing great on assists from the blue line, and Ralts is a psychic poke which I feel like translates well to a specialty in assists.
[Image: 280MS8.png]
Porg Garros | @thevoicelesscreator | S61 | Wooper
I'm gonna go ahead and say Woopers are the Porg of poke world. They're cute little guys that just kind of waddle around and they really fill those wetland areas to the brim. You find a wetland area? You can bet everything there's a whole Wooper colony in there. Porg's definitely doing to be a Quagmire. 48 PIM and 3 fights won? Porg can throw down and just obliterate dudes. Quagmire kind of scares me.
[Image: 194MS8.png]
Ryan Gardner | @Evident_Rogue | S60 | Chansey
Ok, let me explain. Gardner is 1-5 in fights, which is rough but he takes it and comes out just fine on the other side. My Chanseys have always been absolute tanks. They can take the hit, support the team, and win that game. Gardner's stats currently stand at 1G 19A, so he's all about providing that support to the team and making sure everyone's doing well and really getting that puck where it needs to be.
[Image: 113MS8.png]
Alfred Yankovic | @katarn22 | S60 | Bronzor
Yankovic is great at blocking, but also is pretty handy on the offense too. I feel like psychic pokes are good comparisons for players who excel at two-way plays and builds, so that's why I'm going with Bronzor here. Yankovic blocks the shots and makes the shots, and is incredibly versatile.
[Image: 436MS8.png]
Kappa Kappa | @xTri | S59 | Ambipom
Kappa has an absolutely insane GA/TA at 14/29. He takes DOUBLE what he gives. He's a pesky little dude and he thieves and steals the puck right from under people's noses, so he gets the monkey. Ambipom has a million hands and could steal the puck so many times. It's Kappa.
[Image: 424MS6.png]

Skating Dino | @iStegosauruz | S62 | Shieldon
If we're talking dino pokes and we need to have a space well guarded, we gotta go Shieldon. Dino is still young, but he does a great job and he's going to follow in Dekes' footsteps. He's played 1 game this season and he won it so. There you go. There's your little Shieldon winner.
[Image: 410MS6.png]
Nor Dekes | @Guriinwoodo | S60 | Abomasnow
Nor Dekes is such a winterly name, I have to go with Abomasnow. He's such a big and scary dude that nothing's getting past that man, especially with a .911 save %. Abomasnow is going to block absolutely everything coming at him, and he's going to have that unflappable expression while he does it.
[Image: 460MS8.png]

BONUS! GM edition!
@Evok | Swablu
Ok so Evok asked to be made a Growlithe when Hordle asked what names he could use for the pokes he catches, but I have to go with a owl-like bird because it's the law. I considered Hoothoot and Rowlet, but they're a little too cute and Evok is a bit of a menace, so I'm going with Swablu. It looks like it's making fun of you and has many secrets in its fluffy cloud wings. Also 100%, when it opens it's little beak, French or very fancy accents are coming out.
[Image: 333MS8.png]
@Faelax | Flygon
I hear you say "but mer! Flygon isn't a gen iv!" and to that I say "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Flex has to be a Flygon those are the rules, sorry.
[Image: 330MS8.png]

Reply with what pokemon your player would be. For funsies. Also like and subscribe and CATCH EM ALL.

1533 words

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Also @James Truong asked for a pokemon so he is a Chatot because he's a little DJ dude and he's versatile - total goon last season but now seems to be switching gears. He's assisted a bit, blocked a bit, and is doing alright! Chatot does alright too.
[Image: 441MS6.png]

[Image: merh.gif]
[Image: kcP9WEd.png]    [Image: DNLeeu0.png]    [Image: ivBf7yq.png]    [Image: 1I2bN7C.png]

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I didn't know this thing was a Pokemon, but look at this big bitch

[Image: 65151_s.gif]

[Image: EePsAwN.png] | [Image: eaex9S1.png] | [Image: DKMMlC3.png]

11-22-2021, 10:51 PMbrickwall35 Wrote: Stakataka

I didn't know this thing was a Pokemon, but look at this big bitch
lmao it YOU!!! you did it.

[Image: merh.gif]
[Image: kcP9WEd.png]    [Image: DNLeeu0.png]    [Image: ivBf7yq.png]    [Image: 1I2bN7C.png]


@Tomen watch out for the furries

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You nailed Paudrian on the dot

Sig Credit: High Stick King, Carpy, Merica and Drokeep
[Image: kAgLRxV.png]
[Image: RenoMcRenoface.gif]

Limited to Gen 4 pokemon you say? Hmm

I guess they're in the games but that's not the definition id go with lol

[Image: pbe2.gif]
Thank you @Drokeep, @takethehorizon and @Merica for the awesome sigs!

11-22-2021, 10:33 PMmer Wrote:
Reply with what pokemon your player would be. For funsies.

Crow Gang
[Image: 430MS6.png]

[Image: Keven.gif]
Thanks to @enigmatic, @Matteo, @sulovilen, and @zeagle1 for all the sigs!

[Image: 9Cp6WYS.png][Image: JvdaXOj.png]

Those are in fact the rules I have to be Flygon

[Image: ZguhLDq.gif]
[Image: aroach.gif]
Thanks to @FlappyGiraffe @sve7en @sulovilen @Carpy48 @Evok @Matteo for the sigs!
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can i get a poke

[Image: vhY18i8.png][Image: 2610ec01a0135e1309d619e824c91686.png][Image: nBgNUTY.png]
[Image: ErmcfJN.png][Image: tnlastatine.gif][Image: C9eUxOw.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: Screen_Shot_2021-08-11_at_11.07.52_PM.png]
[Image: S55BuffaloStampede.png][Image: s60_BUF_CC_v2.png]

11-24-2021, 05:08 PMTnlAstatine Wrote: can i get a poke

Yeah! You can have Noctowl since you are old and wise and also Evok is on your team.

[Image: merh.gif]
[Image: kcP9WEd.png]    [Image: DNLeeu0.png]    [Image: ivBf7yq.png]    [Image: 1I2bN7C.png]


I want a Pokemon :(

11-27-2021, 01:24 AMHabsFanFromOntario Wrote: I want a Pokemon :(

You can have Hippopotas - Zerk defense deserves big defense poke.

[Image: merh.gif]
[Image: kcP9WEd.png]    [Image: DNLeeu0.png]    [Image: ivBf7yq.png]    [Image: 1I2bN7C.png]


11-27-2021, 06:50 PMmer Wrote:
11-27-2021, 01:24 AMHabsFanFromOntario Wrote: I want a Pokemon :(

You can have Hippopotas - Zerk defense deserves big defense poke.


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