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Activity Check #396

Julio Tokolosh - EDM

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Magnus Liljestrom Barracuda

[Image: hgcI1ti.png]

Salzberger Lillehammersson Inferno

[Image: tkMQzhf.png] [Image: tdKmZA0.png] 

[Image: salz58.png]

Salzberger Lillehammersson
norway Inferno World Falcons

Anders Christiansen
[Image: inferno.png] [Image: dragons.png] [Image: wolfpack2.png] [Image: stars.png] [Image: Dxdffra.png] [Image: hGKuRrv.png] [Image: sAx3Llh.jpg] [Image: firebirds.png]

Vlad. Petrov

[Image: petrov2.png]
[Image: muford_hof_sig.png]

Zhen Roza Dragons

[Image: vikian.gif]

Jon 41


Mr. 41

Uk The Season 57 Best Forward award winner! (Season 52 & 54 Gold Medal winner!) Uk
[Image: dV2Sd3L.gif]
Update page for Jon Forty-One

#A-Rye Izzy

[Image: OnGNB1G.gif]

[Image: cgv4vCv.png]|[Image: 95lCCDx.png]|[Image: KgwtJeY.png]

Sekai Wollker


[Image: v6m9gJe.png]



[Image: CampinKiller.gif]

Rand al'Thor - Newfoundland Zerkers

Steven Moyer -  Patriotes

[Image: moyer2.png]

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Montagne Elk

[Image: m38.gif]
Update Thread - Player Page
Update Scale

Former players:
Ivo Willems (S9 SMJHL) (S10-28 SHL)  
Xander Green  (S33-35 SMJHL) (S36-47 SHL)
Vorian Atreides (S49-51 SMJHL) (S52-61 SHL)

Rikard Bjerg  pride

[Image: AgentSmith630.gif]
[Image: OR23E8d.gif]
Thanks to @rum_ham, @suavemente, @sulovilen, @tweedledunn, @sköldpaddor, and @Kyamprac for the sigs!
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: Rq2Dtaw.png] [Image: PPpK5xb.png] [Image: VJoXuI0.png]

Zidane Specters

[Image: Niktox.gif]

Armada Scarecrows Czechia
Panthers Specters Jets Scarecrows Usa [Image: 4star.png] [Image: challengecup.png] [Image: challengecup.png]
RIP Dangel #AD26

Cormac Pónaire

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