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(GRADED) DEEP DIVE 2: Race for Rookie of the Year
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Race for Rookie of the Year 
(There’s no bias here…)

Rookies in the SMJHL are unpredictable, when they’re drafted into the J, you never know how good they’ll do. These players have been the top 10 so far. The Top 10 has been divided into the 3 groups: “No Chance” who are in the Top 10 Rookies but don’t have a realistic shot at ROTY, “Long Shot” who have a better chance of becoming ROTY but only if they step up their game in this final stretch, and finally, “Contenders” of whom are fighting for ROTY. 

Stat Lines Used: 
Goals+Assists=Points, Plus/Minus, Average Time on Ice, Takeaways/Giveaways 

(special thank you to Ham for getting me a screencap with the rookie statistics) 

10- LD: Dexter Kirk Whalers 
9G+16A=25P, +2, 20:53 TOI, .21 TA/GA 
Kirk has had a great season as a defenseman for a very strong Whalers side, 25 points so far is nothing to scoff at but his main issue lies in his plus/minus, he’s on the ice for a lot of goals but he also is on the ice for a lot goals against, in fact he’s just on the ice a lot. Kirk is a solid defenseman and has put up enough points to scratch into the Top 10 rookies this year. 

9- LD: Rand al’Thor Berserkers 
7G+17A=24P, +15, 20:37 TOI, .40 TA/GA
Rand al’Thor has been a great addition this year for the Berserkers, the problem? The Zerks are just too good. al’Thor has had a great season, but not exactly enough to step out of the Berserkers shadow and say to the SMJHL “I’m the best!” A solid Dman who will get nothing but stronger as time goes on. 

8- LW: Ivan Lacksamus Falcons
7G+16A=23P, -45, 19:19 TOI, .52 TA/GA 
Perhaps my most controversial decision is to put Lacksamus at 8th in the Rookies this year. Ivan has been struggling just like everyone else on the Falcons, but his struggle seems to be paying off. He’s put up a solid amount of points for a player you’d expect to wallow in despair in the pits of Detroit, his main issue being his devastating -45. Truly anyone on this list would have a plus/minus that low on a team as bad as Detroit. On a better team Lacksamus could be in the running for ROTY, but he was drawn the short stick, and is drowning in falcon shit.

7- LD: San-Sam Emerson Elk
12G+14A=26P, -18, 20:35 TOI, .65 TA/GA
Emerson’s has a great stat line for a rookie defenseman, 26 points; averaging over 20 minutes per game, and a .65 TA/GA. The only problem is his plus/minus. The Elk have struggled a bit this year but you’d expect a better plus/minus from your defender, He could very well an All-Rookie Team selection this year even if he isn’t that close to winning ROTY.

6- C: Brian Brettski Grizzlies
9G+18A=27P, +8, 12:46 TOI, .55 TA/GA
Brettski has had a solid year, the main concern is his lack of ice time. Even without as much TOI as many of the other players on this list, he put up very good numbers in all categories. If the Grizzlies gave him a little more ice time he very well could’ve jumped up a few spots on the list, but he wasn’t given it, so he stays at #6 

5- LD: Brent Ashe II Armada 
8G+21A=29P, 0, 18:27 TOI, .19 TA/GA
Ashe has the lowest takeaway/giveaway ratio of the Top 10 so far, and a plus/minus of 0 on a very solid Armada team. These two stats drag down Ashe who, if he had a better numbers in those two categories, could very well have been a contender for ROTY. He has been by far the best rookie defenseman while attacking, but his point contributions aren’t enough to get him higher than 5th

4- C: Bodhi Utah Citadelles
13G+16A=29P, -8 15:44 TOI, .26 TA/GA
The reason Utah has been placed above Ashe is the same amount of points and higher TA/GA ratio in less amount of minutes. Utah has done very well, and while ranked 4th on here, I don’t think he has a true shot of winning ROTY without an unbelievable masterclass of final games 


3- RW: Tim Riggins Knights 
 15G+12A=27P, +28, 15:21 TOI .83 TA/GA
The rookie lead goal scorer, Riggins is on the cusp of the other being a true contenders but he’s not quite there yet. Riggins has the most goals, and has a high plus/minus and takeaway/giveaway ratio, but he doesn’t have enough goals to make up for his lack of assists currently, if Riggins has a solid last streak of games however, it wouldn’t be the biggest shock for him to steal ROTY away from the other contenders

2- C: Chris McZehrl Jr. Knights
12G+20A=32P, +29, 15:25 TOI, .48 TA/GA
A breakout star, CMJ has been killing it for the Knights. Tied for 3rd in rookie scoring, and 4th in assists, CMJ comes up second in both points total and ROTY ranking. He currently has the best plus/minus of anyone on the top 10(and probably rookies in general I didn’t check). It is coming down to the wire and the race is heating up, CMJ is extremely close to the #1 spot and will be of no surprise if he overtakes our current #1.

1- C: Valters Denisova Berserkers
11G+23A=34P, +22, 14:52 TOI, 1.12 TA/GA
The rookie assist and point leader, Denisova has also had a breakout year. He is also currently the only rookie in the Top 10 to have more takeaways than giveaways. While Denisova averages less time on ice than CMJ, and has a lower plus minus and goal total, him leading assists, points, and having a takeaway/giveaway ratio above 1.0 currently gives him the #1 spot in the ROTY race. With CMJ right on his tail, Denisova must keep producing if he wants to keep the #1 spot.

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12-01-2021, 11:09 AMvic03 Wrote: On a better team Lacksamus could be in the running for ROTY, but he was drawn the short stick, and is drowning in falcon shit.

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@vic03 no chance, eh?

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