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S63 Head Office + Co-Commissioner Apps

Yay jess

[Image: pbe2.gif]
Thank you @Drokeep, @takethehorizon and @Merica for the awesome sigs!

Nepotism at its finest...

[Image: 64377_v.gif]
[Image: whalers.png] [Image: whalers.png] [Image: whalers.png] [Image: whalers.png] [Image: whalers.png] [Image: whalers.png]
Big thanks to Pythonic(first sig evah), Sloth(first LAP sig<3) and Ragnar for their sigs<3
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

Jess is a top tier sim leaguer. Happy with all of this.

[Image: czechia.png]

[Image: doubtfulalpha.gif]
[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
[Image: I3BTEQc.png] Tomas Zadina [Image: oMh09WY.png]
[Image: snacnei.png] Brady McIntyre

Wow congrats Jess!

Character Page RD- Quarterback
[Image: micool132.gif]

Retired players:
Toki Wartooth
Drafted 6th round, 35th overall SMJHL by Kelowna
SMJHL S19 President Cup
Drafted 2nd Round, 21st Overall by Toronto North Stars
S35 Champion

-Nathan Explosion btw, semi-decent career but didn't keep track of it

[Image: lUeg4KM.png]

thank you friends Smile Excited to get to work!

[Image: gunnarsoderberg.gif]

. : [Image: QwTZD8C.png] : .             . : [Image: uJXrVDL.png] : .             . : [Image: iemKOIk.png] : .
[Image: DG0jZcS.png]

01-13-2022, 10:34 PMlespoils Wrote:
01-13-2022, 10:21 PMhhh81 Wrote: Oh no, my friend. She's in danger.

No, she is the danger.

She is the one who knocks.

[Image: 1rdovVs.gif]

[Image: X6NDpNM.png][Image: 6eXcLdf.png]

patty ugly jess cute

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