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Im out.

I had a mental break down today.

this shit is not worth it.

I cant tell you guys how many hours ive put into this league. The tools i've created. The work i've done to try and help. How permanently online i am about this shit. I cant get any work done. Cant focus on real life friends. Can't even enjoy the god damn thing that is eating up all my time.

So I'm out.

To @trella and @hockeyiscool, you guys have built something truly phenomenal, something worth every hour I poured into it. Great folks like @Rangerjase, @Fitted2106 and @Geekusoid, @Rankle are about the only joy I have. There's no one on the team i dislike. I cant name all of you, i am mentally incapable. I'm sorry.

To TBB, I'm sorry that my departure is so close to the draft, so soon after a trade was made. Bad timing. I don't write the script.

To GB, you guys are great, you're in good hands. Sven basically runs this team.

To Carolina and the leadership there, my being here is all your fault, so thank you. You guys are great and welcomed me into a shining community. when my activity waned early on, you brought me back.

To Buf, I know we have a snarky relationship but it was always jokes to me. You guys are solid and i think despite the negative attention you sometimes get, you are good people.

To Ham, you are actively destroying this league. Every single person ive ever talked to about their waning interest in this league is that it's not fun because of you. You always win. Good job. We're all impressed. I'm sure you're all fine people, i havent had the pleasure of getting to know you. I know you're not toxic. But the intent belies the result. People quit because they pour years of their life into teams, putting together great rosters, great users, and users try their best to create fun builds for themselves. but its all meaningless when you game the system to maximum efficiency. Sorry, I'm not going out leaving that unsaid. But hey, if not you, maybe it'd be someone else.

There is no one moment that lead to this. Just an epiphany punctuated by a mental break down that made me realize it's not worth it. It's no one's fault, no one is to blame. I've been thinking of this for awhile. I only became GM because there was no one else. i wanted to see this team through to victory, to carry the torch trella and dwight left. They did a tremendous job. But, i can't carry it anymore. It's killing me. I'm blowing off work to weep over a stupid fake internet hockey league.

Additionally, final word on Sabres: We drafted sabres because he was valuable at 4th. Everyone knew it was a solid choice. When he went off the rails, we decided to treat the situation with a little bit of grace, see if he could change. The bias here is obvious, we want our pick to do well. we gave him some rope and he went and hung himself with it. I've heard from a number of people that they think the TBB LR is toxic or something because we didn't drop sabres the very minute he said something weird. Fuck off. You guys attack dissidents on sight, you give no grace, no warning, no understanding. Sabres would not have seen reason, but that doesn't change the fact that you couldn't have known that. You choose violence the first chance you get. You all know who you are. Figure it the fuck out. If you want to bad mouth our locker room, say it to geekusoid, dwight, roastpuff, flappy, fitted, fever, teddy, rankle, and especially ranger jase. You can fuck all the way off if you think a LR that rangerjase chooses to be in is a bad one. I defy you to name a single person who has a bad thing to say about him.

The same goes for Lesgo Brandon. Dhoop has been nothing but kind to anyone and, as far as i know, is well liked in his locker room, enough to be captain. We drafted him because we felt he was the best option at the late 1st we had. We had good chats with him before we recognized his name, then when we realized we put him at DND, then as the draft happened we thought it might be worth it. And it was. You guys attacked him on sight. I'm here to tell you that ignorant texans aren't here to tarnish the safe space (i say that lovingly) that's been created here. Dhoop doesn't understand what that phrase means to you
, and you didnt try to help him understand. I'm not going to die on any hill with dhoop, but just know that you treated him poorly and showed him no reason to understand your pain.

I say all these things because this is a toxic element of our league. You are projecting the pain and hurt you've suffered onto people who are unaware of that pain and hurt. So what do they see? They see you at your worst. Your rage. Your vitriol. Figure it out.

I've you've ever spoken a kind word to me, understand that I appreciate you. there are too many to count and name here. You know who you are.

I have said many unkind words to many people in this league, intended or otherwise. for that I apologize. I apologize to the collateral damage my words have caused as well.

The sad reality is that I will focus more on the negatives than the hundreds of great users here, but there's no way to change that, so I'm out. I am no longer GM of TBB and Backup Goaltender is IA, although he's not retired. Sorry VAN.

I will probably return someday. I am going to try a clean break from discord to see how that goes, but i suspect it won't go very well.

I will not be responding to comments.

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You hit so many nails on the head with this one, it's hard to pick just one. It truly sucks to see you go. I've loved every interaction I've had with you, and I know you have only the best intentions for yourself and the league with this. I hope to see you return in the future.

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Really sorry to see you go PB, but your mental health is way more important than a game. I'd love to see you stick around with just a player, but obviously you know yourself better than others do, so you do you. All the best bud.

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I'm sorry to see you go, man. You were my friend, my captain, and my GM. I really cant put into words what you and TBB have meant to me for the last 2 years of my life. Wishing you all the best.

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It's been an honor, Bromanov.

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unbanking now so i can make the thread team

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One of the best. Sucks to see such a great personality leave this league. You were always a pleasure to deal with and I always enjoyed talking to you whether it was in DMs or in one of the many channels we share. I agree with a lot of the things you said in your post as well, its good to see someone talk about it.

I hope you get the break you need and I really hope we see you come back to the league some day. In the mean time, enjoy yourself man. And best of luck with your new property!

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I hope you are able to take the mental break you need to have my man.
I loved competing with you as an excellent 2nd round pick from s50

Hope to see you around in the future.

take it easy man, you're only human

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I hope your break helps you find some peace, and maybe enjoyment in the league again.

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He do be spittin' facts though

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Wow, what a mic drop.

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