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Thank from Clean

Helo SHL world

i jost want to sey a beeg thank for everywan dat hav mayke SHL possibel and all dat hav sooported andrei in best shl carear in shl history.

it hav been a grate jorney dat i wil cherish for deys to come

thank NL wit who i hav win most presteegious trophee in leeg -- @juke @"NeonLime" @Patty @Nhamlet @Snussu @teztify

thank metalbeds for draft andrei and trayde me for 1st piks witch mayke you win many cops after -- @Hallsy 

thank Englend Woolfs for trost in andrei -- @Ace @kenvald

thank Bizarre Woolfs for frost in andrei -- @Bfine

thank Manesota Boterfly for sing a very rost andrei -- @Mutedfaith

thank Cheecagoo for lost wit andrei -- @JNH

i lov you all and shl wil forever bee the best escaype from reel world

never forget the dancing clean

i wil see you in poketwo chanel

p.s. NL best LR

p.s. 2 @SDCore

p.s.3 if sergei ask abawt me tel him i go by milk

[Image: cleanandrei.png]


[Image: sve7en.gif]

[Image: 1tWWEzv.png][Image: 8zFnf2t.png][Image: 6Lj3x8E.png][Image: xkAdpbO.png][Image: xnZrhKU.png][Image: 9YigPG2.png][Image: bpYxJ69.png]

Name one time when Clean Andrei hasn't been awesome, I'll wait.

[Image: doubtfulalpha.gif]
[Image: 0XJkcN5.png]
[Image: sN8N4xa.png][Image: 639861613880541184.png] Cal Juice [Image: 639861613880541184.png][Image: RyzkmSj.png]
[Image: Eo2nBCt.png] Tomas Zadina
[Image: snacnei.png] Brady McIntyre
[Image: ice-level.svg]

Wow, I was shocked andrei post without tagging me, but nope there it is. thanks for all the fun over the years man, was actually a pleasure. where sergei?

[Image: sdcore.gif]

Player Page [Image: berserkers.png] [Image: syndicate2.png]Update Page

[Image: sgu3vVP.png]
[Image: 9vq7IEu.png]

Thanks for the fun times in Minny @Clean Andrei Kostitsyn

Youre welcome to drop in anytime you want.

Falcons Monarchs Switzerland   Switzerland Monarchs Falcons
[Image: qGhUIfY.png] [Image: dGD5tIx.png]

Falcons Monarchs Switzerland   Switzerland Monarchs Falcons
[Image: qGhUIfY.png] [Image: dGD5tIx.png]

 [Image: mutedfaith.gif]
Credit for the images goes to @Carpy48, @soulja, @fever95 and @Wasty


[Image: harrington-tor.png] [Image: R6XvE8Q.png?ex=65336370&is=6520ee70&hm=e...a1696add2&]
Germany Berserkers Stampede Stars
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and for concloozion hear is look bak at best clean moments :

1 - Clean ferst opdayte thred (was deleeted, bot some peepel remamber)

2- when leeg sey clean is not clean bot it was layter reveel clean was clean :

3- PT how you yooze attriboot in laif : andrei yooze shl attriboot in bed :

4- best most profeshional articel ever riten on site :


[Image: clevel10.png]

[Image: cleanandrei.png]

greatest teammate i ever had

[Image: bluesfan55.gif]
Armada Steelhawks Switzerland

Armada Specters Wolfpack Steelhawks Forge Switzerland

Scarecrows pride Chiefs Riot Stars Blizzard Ireland

ty to @High Stick King @EvilAllBran and @Ragnar for the sigs

I’m glad I could bring you to Edmonton even after our misunderstanding, you’ve forever made the Blizzard :clean:

[Image: 9v1NNZo.png][Image: QFNCFWS.gif]

Were is brother

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