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Aurora Release Jonas

[Image: Winnipeg-min.png]
The Aurora happily release Jonas Johansson @"Omnicius" from his contract to ensure a direct path to his return to Newfoundland.
Wishing him a fantastic final season with the Berserkers!

[Image: RashfordU.gif]

Berserkers  Berserkers
Finland Finland 

**Signature love to @Drokeep, @Ragnar, @OrbitingDeath, @Merica, and @tweedledunn**

Accepted mother fucker, let's go get another four star cup!

[Image: JohanssonPNG.png][Image: johanseen.jpg]

I mean, I happily release him, but the another four star cup thingggggggg idkkkkkkkkkkkk

Malamutes LET FUCK GO Malamutes
The Yukon Rallying Cry - Courtesy of @thevoicelesscreator

Malamutes Aurora Malamutes Aurora Malamutes Aurora Malamutes Aurora Malamutes Aurora
[Image: farquaads2.png]
[Image: short_order_sig_v1.1.gif]

[Image: U66t7Jy.png] [Image: VbtOVyg.png]
RIP Dangel. See you on the other side, brother.

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