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Season 63 Hall of Fame Ceremony

[Image: 1200px-Hockey_Hall_of_Fame_Logo.svg.png]

Date: 10th April 2022
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Time: 3:00 PM EST
Greetings Hockey fans, I am Alexis Saint-Michel and it is that time of year again for the hall of fame ceremony. As another season of hockey comes to a close, join me and the Hall of Fame committee as we welcome more legendary players to the Hall of Fame.

Hercules Rockefeller (Final Season)
Cedric Robinson (Final Season)
Alex Winters (6th Season)
Cameron Carter II (6th Season)
Charlie Schieck (6th Season)
Liam O'Callaghan (5th Season)
Reginald MacIntyre (5th Season)
Nicholas Williams (5th Season)
Jack Tanner (5th Season)
Rafe Ulrich (5th Season)
Jon Toner (5th Season)
The Dude (5th Season)
Emiko Spector (4th Season)
Ti-Guy Emond (4th Season)
Anders Christiansen (4th Season)
Brock Nuck (4th Season)
Ray Bork (4th Season)
GOD McZehrl (3rd Season)
Barret McCarthy (3rd Season)
Akashi SixNine (3rd Season)
Manuel Gotze (3rd Season)
Otis B. Driftwood (3rd Season)
(2nd Season)
Frans Eller
Lallo Selman
Markus Tegernako
Skao Anazibf
David Kastrba
Andrej Doskocil
Michael Fox
Jeff Brogen
Luca Veccelli
Goku Muerto
Prince Devitt
(2nd Season)
Jeff Brogen
Alexander Selich
Jules Watt
Vorian Atredies
Barrett Blackwood
Jax Aittokallio
Josef Kubinec
James Truong
Jack Tanner

Italics=first ballot
*=second ballot
**=third ballot
***=fourth ballot
****=fifth ballot
*****=sixth ballot
Seventh and final ballot

[Image: erokuf6.gif]

Just here to see what the next HoF cards will be.

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Ay yo where's the ceremony at

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04-10-2022, 05:16 PMunconfident69 Wrote: Ay yo where's the ceremony at

He didnt include the youtube link:

I would also like just a threat about the noms and winners in the thread too

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