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James Truong

Happy birthday James!

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It feels like its been too long since we celebrated your birthday @James Truong hope you have a great one friend!

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Ahhhhh how could I forget @James Truong and his birthday!

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     Sig Credit: Ragnar
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@James Truong my son! getting so old!
Merriest of Birthdays

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**Signature love to @Drokeep, @Ragnar, @OrbitingDeath, @Merica, and @tweedledunn**

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Thank you @High Stick King @Drokeep @mer @Ragnar  for the player signatures! 

Wow it happened again so quickly. Happy birthday @James Truong !

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Thanks to @enigmatic, @Matteo, @sulovilen, and @zeagle1 for all the sigs!

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