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To GMs and Co-GMs of the Present and Past

Banker > head banker > SHL co gm > SMJHL commissioner > SHL co commissioner > IA > graphics grader > SMJHL gm


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Sigs by Me, Merica, High Stick King, Rum_Ham, Jess, and Carpy
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❤!! RIP to the big homies 701 and Mac !!❤

Former J Gm & shl co-gm. Always available on discord.

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05-13-2022, 09:45 AMZoone16 Wrote: Former J Gm & shl co-gm. Always available on discord.

This is true... Or on F1


I can answer as a former GM, simmer, and many other things in this league.

The thing is, this league is amazing and wonderful. GMing is incredible, and if you have the brain for the grind and that desire to fight your way up and make your vision a reality, it's one of the best things you can do. But it can also wear you down hard, and it can really be draining at times. And that's okay. Nobody should expect to GM forever, your ideas won't be so fresh and new anymore, and someone else should be taking over that mantle with their fresh and new ideas to make things even better. And we all have to accept that sometimes we just aren't what the league needs anymore, and give ourselves the ability to step back and relax for a bit.

An old man's dream ended. A young man's vision of the future opened wide. Young men have visions, old men have dreams. But the place for old men to dream is beside the fire.
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Thanks to Jackson, Copenhagen, and Harry Hans!


05-14-2022, 09:50 PMJayWhy Wrote: Nobody should expect to GM forever

Shit... I thought I managed to escape that pain

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Hey I was co-gm once in a far far away past

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Thank you Fever, sköldpaddor and OD for the amazing sigs!


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