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[G] Caleb Hayden - Update Thread

+2 TPE - Activity Check #425
+3 TPE - Weekly Training

Total Points Earned: 179 + 5 = 5

Adjusted Attributes:
+8 Positioning (12 -> 13)

Banked TPE: 1(-3 TPE)

Hey @Caleb_H so I saw you've made multiple threads here for your updates, that's not actually needed you can just use this one thread to keep things a lot more organized.

When you're making your update posts find this thread and just click "New Reply" and then put your stuff there, it makes things a lot easier and faster to keep track of!

Total 184
Bank 1

Sig Credit: High Stick King, Carpy, and Ragnar
[Image: kAgLRxV.png]
[Image: TheRenomorph.gif]
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+1 TPE - S65 End of Season Survey
+2 TPE - Activity Check #426
+3 TPE - Weekly Training
+24 TPE - S66 Training Camp

Total Points Earned: 184 + 30 = 214

Adjusted Attributes:
+8 Rebound (12-> 13)
+8 Reflexes (12-> 13)
+8 Recovery (12-> 13)

Banked TPE: 7(+1)

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