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S65 WJC Team Finland Announcement

Hi all! I am overjoyed to GM with @Gordon Bombay this WJC season, and am reinstating our full name FinNorLandWay. We've got a great squad and Gordo's a genius when it comes to lines, so we're in great hands. Let's get that reiska and lefse!!

Outdoor Truck @Snussu Finland
Alex Kidd @pauadrian Finland
David-Arturri Donskoi @LarryTheMVP Finland
Nibbles the Squirrel @SouthPaw Finland
Bnana NWaffles @JMacNCheese Finland
Boom Stick @plutoniumdom Finland
Bubba Tree @Bubba Tree norway
Tom Pedersen @tomtommen norway
Tom Holberg @Sleepy norway

Holden Steady @ctots Finland
Ben Der @mcgriddleluver Finland
Konstantin Äyräpää-Möttönen @rory Finland
Kalevi Pukkala @Derry7 Finland
Cob Corning @stein Finland
Philippe-Eko Eel @hotdog norway
Ged Sparrowhawk @Poopmonster666 norway
Torsten Eriksen @narb111 norway
Chad Nickelback @Flowseidon Finland

Shiny Shuckle @_Blitz_ Finland
Hank Stopper @TacocaT 2 norway

There's a lil WJC LR linked here that you're welcome to join. Hope to see you around and let's win!

[Image: merh.gif]
[Image: jZtKPwK.png]    [Image: Thz4BYW.png]    [Image: ivBf7yq.png]    [Image: 1I2bN7C.png]


LETS GO  Finland norway

[Image: 75fL0ul.png]
credit to Qwest


[Image: ekovanotter.gif]
thanks @Carpy48 and @frithjofr and @rum_ham and @Julio Tokolosh and @Briedaqueduc for the sigs
Armada Inferno norway

Let's go! Finland

[Image: ShinyShuckle.gif]

Aurora | Finland [Image: 9tINabI.png] | [Image: sXDU6JX.png] | [Image: c97iD9R.png] Finland | Aurora


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