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S65 SMJHL Awards

Team Awards

Four-Star Cup Champions
Detroit Falcons  Falcons

King-Kurczewski Gauntlet (Eastern Champions)
Newfoundland Berserkers  Berserkers

Linna-Landvik Trophy (Western Champions)
Detroit Falcons  Falcons

Laurifer Trophy (Best Regular Season Record)
Detroit Falcons  Falcons

Individual Awards

Jared Hanson Trophy (Regular Season Points Leader)
Ivan Lacksamus @thiefofcheese Falcons

Roberto Martucci Trophy (Regular Season Goals Leader)
Ivan Lacksamus @thiefofcheese Falcons

Ronan O'Keefe Trophy (Playoffs Points Leader)
AJ Williams @ajwllmsn Berserkers

Matt Lewis-Flood Trophy (Top Team Save Percentage)
Nina Tucker @ByrdeMan and Samuel Piccard @dylanjj37 Berserkers

Nour Harrak Award - Top GM Duo
@G2019/@Vaxlare  Falcons

Zach Miller Trophy - Most Dedicated
@sköldpaddor  Battleborn

Vyacheslav Onoprienko Trophy - Most Underrated Player
Tom Pederson @tomtommen  Battleborn

Alex Light Trophy - Most Improved Player
Din Djarin @jsteele14  Battleborn

Brandon Holmes Trophy - Best Defensive Forward
Outdoor Truck @Snussu  Scarecrows

Quilha Agante Trophy - Best Defenseman
Rand al'Thor @HabsFanFromOntario  Berserkers

Alexis Metzler Trophy - Best Defensive Defenseman
Brent Ashe II @Nhlbeastmode_7777  Grizzlies

Cedric Robinson Trophy - Best Goalie
Justin Time @RAmenAmen  Citadelles

Esa Anrikkanen Trophy - Best Rookie
Nikolai Skovgaard @Faelax  Citadelles

Ideen Fallah Trophy - SMJHL Awards Committee MVP
Ivan Lacksamus @thiefofcheese  Falcons

Brodie Witzel Trophy - Playoffs MVP
Eddie Creller @Mook  Falcons

Raymond Lindsay Trophy - Most Outstanding Player as voted on by the league
Ivan Lacksamus @thiefofcheese  Falcons

Elias Armia Trophy - Award in Excellence Given by the League Commissioner
Matsmith Soderberg-Tremblay @SDCore  Berserkers

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Woop woop

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                                                 Thanks, Mayuu, JSS, Danny and Wasty!!! (Gif made by myself)

Wow! It's always an honor to be named the best at something, no matter what that something may be. So congratulations to all the season 65 winners, and long may you continue to inspire others to follow in your skate blades! Enjoy the silverware, you all earned it!! Yay

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Thanks to @Merica for the sig!

"I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. Coming down, is the hardest thing." - Tom Petty.

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