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S66 PT #3: Breakaway Challenge

Written Hockey: When the NHL first came out with Shootouts after overtime I wasn't sure about it, it felt too "unfair" and not an appropriate way to decide the extra point. Since then I have warmed up to it and now I kind of like it. The NHL needs to do exciting things to get the casual fan involved and the shootout is very exciting for new hockey fans and casual fans, so I think it has it's place in todays market. The 3 on 3 overtime is also along the same lines, geared toward a more exciting NHL experience and highlight reel plays that are not only exciting for long time die hard fans like myself but also new hockey fans. So I get why we need 3 on 3 and shootouts. I'm still just OK with a shootout but I absolutely love the 3 on 3 overtime. With the amount of high end talent in todays game it's really something special and fun to watch. So yeah I am fine with how the NHL handles ends of overtime now and I like that one team gets an extra point, I think it makes it more ineresting.

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Hockey Prompt

Matsmith Soderberg-Tremblay gets a free and open breakaway to do whatever he wants. He is going to do a lot of really special things, first of all, if it's a 1 on 1 with the goalie, then he is going to make sure he has a spot light. Meaning, the lights all go out in the building, except a spot light on him and the goalie alone. Once this happens, the organist will play a very special tune, it will basically be the theme to one of the tracks in Mario Kart. As he approaches the goalie, flames will shoot out from his skates and a giant light will beam out of his chest. This will attempt to blind the goalie, if the spot light isn't already doing that. Once he scores, because we all know he is going to, sparkler type fireworks will shoot out from behind the goalie and a giant boom will be rung out through the stadium.

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I'm not very for the idea of a shootout in the NHL. While I do think it can be fun and we can get some great moments, it is less about crowning who the better hockey team is that night and who might be better at a very specific skill. I love it as a showcase of talent, but not as a great way to decide a game (doubly so when it used to be used in medal games in the IIHF).

If I had my way, I'd adopt a bit of a longer overtime period and keeping the 3v3 nature. Capped at 10 minutes, I think we would come out with a goal nearly every time, in something that more closely emulates the game of hockey and the teamwork required to be winning.

It has the mix of showy and more hockey. If no winner is found at the end, call it a tie and move on

I think ideally this would also be put in with a new point system granting 2 for a regulation win, 2 for an OT win, and 1 for the tie, making sure that teams are always incentivized to play for the win rather than playing a bit safe to guarantee a point

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I like the shootout in the nhl. I think it's a good way to end regular season games which generally have a lower consequences than a playoff game. We have a ton of regular season games as well and if we just did playoff style overtime we may have much longer games which would impact the durability of the players. Also with games played across so many timezone this would negatively impact the fan experience. Those from the east that wish to watch their team play in say, California would be forced to stay up way later in order to finish the game. Especially because if the game is that close you will actually want to watch to the end. Another point is that is gives the playoff games something cool to separate them from other games as well. Also it is just fun to watch goalies and shooters showcase skills that aren't normally used mid-game, it forces a team to be good at yet another aspect of the game.

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I don't really have too big of an issue with games ending in a shootout, I know some folks think it's a farce but the only real other option is bringing back ties. I think for the most part it is kinda fun to see the shooters and goalies battling it out 1v1. It's always fun to see a skater pull off a slick move or for the goalie to stick out the pad in desperation and make the save. I think if anything, they should change the format for how points are awarded. I've always preferred the 3-2-1 point scoring method often seen in sports overseas. You get 3 points for a win in regulation, whereas if the game goes to overtime it becomes 2 points for the win and the losing team receives 1 point. This way an extra point is not randomly created by the teams making it to overtime.

Favorite shootout goal of all time: Marek Malik winning it between the legs against the Capitals back in 06? after a lengthy shootout

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My opinion on shootouts in the NHL is that they aren't particularly good. The hype of 3v3 ot evaporates as soon as it goes to a shoot out. The issues with that is much like democracy its kinda shit but it's the best we got. I find every proposed solution for it has as many issues if not more.

Shoot outs are bad because it's an entirely different sport. It's great at an all star game to see what people can do but as an end to a hockey game it is quite a aways away from the game itself. I feel like it'd be about as similar as a basketball game settled by a tip off competition

An often proposed solution I see is that they should do infinite overtime until someone wins but the issue with this is that the NHLPA would never go for it. The players don't want to play 6 over times in a regular season game in Columbus. They simply do not care. So unfortunately for all its flaws shootouts are the best we got.

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I'm not a huge fan of shootouts. Its not the same as in soccer where they have ties so shootouts are only during big, tense games. They just feel kinda cheap to me in the regular season. Idk fuck it bring back ties. Americans are babies about ties for some reason but it works just fine for soccer. Games in the regular season don't need a winner, and shootout victories and losses feel wonky and hollow. Maybe we can extend OT a bit so there aren't that many ties. I have heard suggestions for changing the point system to 3 2 1 0 for regulation wins, ot/shootout win, ot loss, and regulation loss. That would be kinda cool and you could keep the shutout I guess. Overall I just kinda think OT should be extended so less games have to deal with that shit and we see more interesting hockey being played.

What do fans love more than fire, pain, and more fire? Nothing. Fire on ice is unmatched, other than maybe fire on water but that only happens in science labs and Percy Jackson novels. So here's the plan: Axel Foley is gonna ride up with a stick on fire. Of course he'll be wearing flame-resistant gloves, but to the naked eye everyone will be gawking about how this mad-man hasn't singed his hands off. So the stick is on fire, but how do we up the ante? Axel Foley can't see. There is a team element involved here. Foley's head is tucked into his jersey, and instead of his head in his helmet, it's a large fish. He is a barracuda in both mind and body. He'll skate down the ice with a flame stick and just kinda fire in the general direction of the net (a slap shot, of course) and frankly we'll just assume no one cares if it goes in. There's a fish man with a flaming stick wearing Axel Foley's jersey streaking down the ice and ripping a clapper while his big 'ol fish face flops in the wind. The spectacle is all in the shot and whether it goes in or not is entirely beside the point.

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Quote:Written Task: What are your thoughts on the using shootouts to end games in the NHL? Do you like it? Would you change it? If so how? Bring back the tie? Infinite 3-on-3 until someone scores? Do you find them exciting or do you groan when OT ends? I'd love to hear your thoughts! (150+ words)

The issue with shootouts isn't that they are a skills competition ending a game. I mean, let's be honest, that's exactly what they are, but that's not the inherent issue with them. The issue is that the ideal way to get a game to end can result in far too much player fatigue, or in worse cases, player injury. The NHL has "solved" this by only using the shootout during the regular season while the postseason is home to the "golden goal" overtime rules. I don't really think there is a surefire way of fixing the shootout without risking significant damage to the longterm health of the players. I know for me, personally, I enjoy the shootout. Sure, it can get stale with the same players using the same moves, but with the recent emergence of players like Zegras and Hughes, I hope this also means that more flash and creativity will return to the shootout.

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