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Deep Dive #2 - Paul Peterson: Past, Present, Future

This season has been a doozy so far for Paul Peterson. Going into the draft I expected to be a top 10 pick and realistically probably a top 5 pick when it went down. Needless to say I was absolutely stunned when pick after pick after pick came and went and my name was still not called. Even more stunned as the first round came to an end and I was still on the board. Second round came and yet still I dropped all the way to pick 25 when I finally heard my name called to go to Nevada. While I couldn't be happier to be in Nevada with all the other battlebabies it definitely lit a fire under my ass to prove all these teams wrong on passing on me so early. A fire that I will use for motivation all season against them all.

So I trained my tail off and skated till I couldn't any more to get to the point where I am now. 1st line center for Nevada as a rookie. What a heck of a season I have put up so far too. So far through 41 games played I have 41 points which I believe is up there for all of rookie scoring if not at the top. I do know that with those 41 points I have 28 assists which puts me tied for 10th in the entire league for apples. I have significantly less time on ice then every player ahead of me in assists as well as I plan on closing that gap throughout the rest of the season. I have a solid +8 with only 19 penalty minutes so far. I'm rocking a 51% face off percentage and I have a positive give away to take away ratio with 5 more take aways than give aways so far. Only 59 hits for the season, I would be very lucky to have 100 by the end of the season but to be honest as long as we're winning then I don't care about the hits so much.

Speaking of that winning. As the top center of Nevada I want to talk about the fact that we are on an absolute tear right now at the top of the league. We lost our first 4 games and then said screw this, never again. We're on a 20 game win streak and while I know we can't sustain that win streak for very much longer I do believe that may be tied for the longest in SMJHL history so far. We're headed towards the playoffs and I would love nothing more for my career than to hoist that cup in my rookie season in the face of all those teams that passed on me.

Looking ahead to the SHL draft, I expect (again so probably wishful thinking) that I will be a top 5-10 pick in the draft. There are definitely some teams who I know would snatch me up if I fell to them and I look forward to seeing who else is interested in a future top line center in the SHL who will be defensively sound. I also know quite a few teams who will probably pass on me for attitude issues and that's fine because much like the SMJHL I look forward to the motivation to show them how wrong they were for picking against me. Please continue to light that fire in me, I look forward to it daily.

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