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[HIRING] IIHF Federation Head Japan

Yet another Federation Head has asked to step down and we would like to congratulate @Nhamlet on a very successful run leading Japan to their first gold medals in the Federation's history. Nhamlet has offered to stick around and help out any new hiring to the position.

Applicants from Japan or in a position to transfer will be given preference, however, a locked-in player from another nation is still eligible to apply.

Duties include:
- submitting rosters and managing lines every IIHF tournament
- filling out IIHF award ballots and end of tournament survey each season
- keeping your team's profile and recruiting page updated
- keeping your federation engaged, involved, and recruiting new players/transfers to your federation
- active involvement with the IIHF HO and in discussions

The application should be built around answering why you think you should be a Federation Head and what you can bring to the job.

Pay is 4M per season. Applications close August 12th at 23:59 EST!

Please PM me your application on the site, or on Discord (canadice#0985), or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Thanks to @sköldpaddor, @Ragnar and @Carpy48 for the signatures

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Japan Skanklets

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I say we let it burn :eyes:

MWHazard Wrote:i'll playwith anyone
playing with my teammates is part of the intangibles I bring to the table
i play with them a lot.
they didn't like it at first
but after a while, it just felt normal
Justice,Sep 18 2016, 02:09 PM Wrote:4-0 and 0-4 aren't that different tbh
McJesus - Today at 10:38 PM Wrote:FIRE EGGY
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