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The Greatest 45th-Overall Pick Extends

[Image: 1Wvxv4d.png]

The San Francisco Pride are thrilled to announce another extension this week:

Goalie - Caleb Hayden - @Caleb_H
S67 - $2,500,000
S68 - $2,500,000
S69 - $2,000,000 Mutual Option

Caleb has immediately become a huge part of the SFP locker room and I can't imagine a future without Caleb around! I'm sure I speak for the rest of the team that we're happy to have Caleb committing to the future of the team!


pride pride pride pride pride

[Image: ORXakvi.png]

what an absolute unit.

What a steal to grab the best goalie of the class so cheap.

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sig credit: Ragnar and Sulovilen
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Accepted! Smile

[Image: IuXsEZt.png][Image: CalebH.png]

heck steal

[Image: Evok_nevek.gif]
[Image: Evok.gif]


@SlashACM would like a word toast

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