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[S68] Right Defense - John Brown TPE: 1191
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Player Information

First Name: John
Last Name: Brown
Position: Right Defense
Handedness: Right
Recruited By:
Player Render: Tragic Prelude
Jersey Number: 59
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 204 lbs
Birthplace: Connecticut, America

Player Attributes

Points Available: 20

Offensive Ratings
Screening: 8
Getting Open: 15
Passing: 15
Puckhandling: 16
Shooting Accuracy: 13
Shooting Range: 13
Offensive Read: 14

Defensive Ratings
Checking: 17
Hitting: 17
Positioning: 16
Stickchecking: 12
Shot Blocking: 15
Faceoffs: 5
Defensive Read: 17

Physical Ratings
Acceleration: 16
Agility: 17
Balance: 17
Speed: 17
Stamina: 17
Strength: 17
Fighting: 7

Mental Ratings
Aggression: 10
Bravery: 11
*Determination: 15
*Team Player: 15
*Leadership: 15
*Temperament: 15
*Professionalism: 15

*Indicates attributes that cannot be edited.

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Incredibly based

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Fuck the penaltys
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lmao acap i love you this is incredible

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Mother fucker is gonna make me make sigs again

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im drafting u

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Jon Bron

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Who’s this guy

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06-11-2021, 05:33 PMKenitohMenara Wrote: [Image: BLUE.jpeg]
Welcome to the hall, Ben!


Absolutely incredible

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Already know this guy is gonna be a bust..

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Welcome to the SHL, nerd

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Welcome leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg

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I hear there's this new kid in town. What's his name? Oh yeah, John Brown. Somebody ought to take him aside and show him the ropes!  Tongue

A warm welcome! Cheers

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The howdy quota has not been met again

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Hi @ACapitalChicago!

Welcome to the SHL!

We generally don't recommend anyone creating a new player to have an attribute at or above 15, as you have limited TPE in the beginning and it's a lot of TPE concentrated in one area. This might hinder your ability to perform well at first. Let me know if you want to keep it or change it. If given the go-ahead or no response is received from you within 36 hours, I will approve your player!

If you have any questions please send me a DM on here or on discord at ACapitalChicago#7196 if you'd like help.

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