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S67 mPT #1: Custom Cocktail Due: September 25th @ 11:59 PM (PST)
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The Carolina Kraken's first cocktail, aptly named "The Kraken," is one that has become a fan favorite. An unsettling mix of Sprite, Kraken rum, squid ink, and mint, this questionable cocktail is a must have in the home of the Kraken

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Aleksi Kettu
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So the Philly forge of the simulation hockey league sells a giant beer, because it's Philadelphia and we like to drink beer, but only good beer and not bad beer. The beer we like tastes like good beer not like the bad beer you drink because the forge are the forgiest of all the teams.

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my cocktail will be the greatest Tommi mule. It will have vodka, ginger beer, lime, and a special little secret ingredient. Grenadine. It will be the best drink in the lands and make my tummy go yum yum.

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We'll start with three shots of gin and then a spicy maple syrup, blue curacao, topped with tonic, three limes, and a stirring stick made out of dogwood tree. We'll call it the Dogwood Maple and it will be our top-selling cocktail from the jump!

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Well, for the Aurora I would shoot for something that gives off a space/northern lights vibe in the glass when you see it. We'll have some vodka, tonic water, and some Rose's sour apple cocktail infusion mix. The sour apple gives some green to the glow, and tonic water is actually fluorescent under UV light, making it actually glow!

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Prince George Firebirds GM (S34-S36)
Toronto North Stars GM (S37-S43)

custom cocktail to sell in the arena is double vodka crans. It will actually be the only thing people are allowed to purchase. It will involve anywhere from 2 to 3 ounces of whatever kind of vodka you want, and then cranberry juice and ice in a short glass. No tall glasses allowed. You are also not allowed to purchase singles.

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Your task: Create a custom cocktail based on your team to sell in the arena! What's in it? What does it look like? What does it taste like?

Wide peepo Happy 3 Koivu drink, it makes you wide and happy and its a great drink to have awhile at a hockey game in my mind.

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Pablo Salvatici has the Atlanta Inferno selling a brand new cocktail at the arena bars and it is a hit. It is called the Grinch cocktail and it contains green gatorade, vodka, lime juice, a dash of sugar, and a handful of whatever is left in the medicine cabinet. It tastes like shit frankly and it looks a weird glowing green colour but it kicks like a mule so everyone is buying it.

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At the Forge we are nothing but traditional so we have decided to go with a take on a classic as our official cocktail: The Boilermaker

50ml American rye (because we are American)
A pint of yuengling (because Philadelphians love yuengling)
25ml habanero sauce (because forges are hot as fuck)

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I'd probably keep it something simple, a nice gin and tonic with some lemon and mint. Refreshing and appealing to just about everyone. I'm not very experimental with my drinks, simple is the best.

for the wolfpack, it would contain pee from wolves, well not actually, that would be pretty gross and we would be sued i am pretty sure, it is of course instead an apple cider.

34 words

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The Forge Cocktail involves these ingredients:

-Egg Yolk
-Orange Juice
-Sugar Syrup

The gm, Assclap, made this for everyone at a team party, and it was about the opposite of a massive hit, as several players threw up, and only a few claimed to find it enjoyable. (50 words)

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The custom cocktail we sell in St Louis, is a cracker cocktail. It's basically the bloody mary we all know but we fuck it up, just like we do for our pizza.

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For the New England Wolfpack, I would unveil the Thrill of the Hunt drink with :

    1 oz. Kinky Apple liquor
    1 oz. melon liquor
    3 tablespoons sugar
    1–2 drops black food-grade dye
    3 oz. lime sparkling water

The drink would feature a black/green color scheme similar to the Wolfpack's

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Nour is pretty hot ngl

The Pack
1oz Burboun
1oz Melon Liquor
0.5oz Lime juice
Top of with Lemon Lime soda or Root beer

Shake the alcohol with some some, serve in a tall glass
Garnish is optional

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