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Changes to Backup Starts and Active Backup Cap Relief

MTL has 2 active goalies as well

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Agree 100% with all your suggestions.

We need to help teams who want to have an active backup to not be penalize on the cap.
And for teams that only have one active goalie, I understand that to have to play an IA to a minimum number of games doesn't help them at all.

I don't know what suggestion the HO will do (if they take one), but anything would be welcoming.

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I've been amazed by just how wrong I was about the number of active backups we have now! I love that for those who have them, and thanks to everyone for highlighting how many we have! I don't think that changes any of my suggestions, but it's great to have that information.

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09-20-2022, 09:07 PMhhh81 Wrote:
09-20-2022, 07:43 PMPremierBromanov Wrote: I like this but i think we should just remove the requirement for backups. Who are they serving, or what are we mitigating? It isn't a job anyone is interested in doing and for most teams it's either a holster for a goalie prospect or an inactive 500k who-cares-about-the-tpe goalie.
In the last 3 seasons of scouting, more goalie prospects have told me they're looking for an SHL backup career than be an SHL starter.

Also, back to Ramen's original point: as a GM who was in dire need looking for a goalie, it's not like there are active FAs who were squeezed out. I looked for them, I would have signed them. The last two seasons, cap wasn't the reason I signed lower TPE goalies--it's usually that there were the best/only options available. I also am bucking a trend in thinking that most teams need to see the end of the 200 TPE IA backup because FHM8 absolutely feeds those players to the sharks. I don't plan to run a garbage IFA backup ever again, because who can afford to throw away 12 starts?

The only position there's consistently quality FA depth for is forwards, which also happens to be the position that seems to dominate the last few draft classes. That goes back to my longstanding concern and complaint at the lack of defensive prospect depth (S67 class notwithstanding).

09-20-2022, 06:20 PMRAmenAmen Wrote: regardless of the TPE tier of the starting goaltender, almost every team in the league uses inactive goaltenders at a low TPE tier as their backup, sacrificing any potential impact a better goaltender might have in order to save cap
Also this isn't true. Teams with current active goalie duos: Manhattan, Montreal, Philadelphia, Toronto, Calgary, Chicago*, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle. That's almost 50% of the league, and all applied for active backup relief.

All this doesn't negate your points, Ramen, but does offer a different perspective.

"Active" comes in highly varying levels of site effort. The proposal also does account for active goalies so still get the playing time as before and be more valued by a team.

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cap broke, like usual

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