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Fantasy Rankings Post V2 (delete)
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Hello all,

I am starting a new series for this season, and probably future seasons where I am going to be giving top leaders in fantasy as well as lists of largest earners and smallest earners. Shorter posts will be daily with some analysis with longer week posts that will look at how some players are doing. My hope is that this will better help inform people when to make their swap and to try and get the best return for their buck. It is also just interesting to see where people are shaking out.

Without further ado, the top 30 leaders as of today:
Name Pos Fantasy
Dwayne Gretzky F 88.4
Salzberger Lillehammersson F 82.4
Roderic Banes F 81.6
Aleksander Kozlov F 81.2
Vladmir Petrov F 75.8
Kriss Darzins F 73.9
Zak Wilson D 73.3
Kev Kevens F 72.4
Sarah Burke F 69.3
Los Angeles Panthers G 68.9
Duncan Mackenzie F 68.5
Jonathon Hagan D 68
New Orleans Specters G 66.9
Shylo Moxii F 66.6
Puddles O'Duck D 66.5
Atlanta Inferno G 66.1
Mads McBride F 65.9
Elias Kierkegaard D 65.2
Ty Murphy F 64.5
Philadelphia Forge G 64.2
Gudmundur Kristjansson F 64
Ryosuke Sato D 63.9
Bas O'Bigbers F 63.6
Rock Strongo F 62.7
Dogwood Maple F 62.2
Tampa Bay Barracuda G 62
Devin Basher F 62
Sconnie McHits F 61.7
Calgary Dragons G 61.6

Most interesting here is that once again it shows that finding the best D for your team is criminally hard as only 4 of the top 30 are defensive players. Of course this is only day 2 of the sim so still plenty of time for players to have swing moments.

This next table will talk about the biggest gainers from the day before. This will show movement on who is upcoming and could indicate who will have bigger potential to have breakout fantasy seasons. In the daily posts we won't go over pdo and the players luck. On the weekly posts we will spend more time going over that kind of analysis.

Name Fantasy Difference
Aleksander Kozlov65.1
Salzberger Lillehammersson62.6
Dwayne Gretzky61.7
Ty Murphy60.7
Roderic Banes60.4
Kev Kevens58.3
Vladmir Petrov58
Vlastislav Malik55.4
Devin Basher54.1
Kriss Darzins53.5
Bas O'Bigbers53.2
Zak Wilson52.5
New Orleans Specters51.7
Puddles O'Duck51.7
Mads McBride50.6
Ryosuke Sato50.5
Duncan Mackenzie50
Panda Panico49.8
Jonathon Hagan49.2
Philadelphia Forge49.1
Edmonton Blizzard47.9
Atlanta Inferno46.8
Red Kirkby46.5
Anton Mihailov46.4
Pablo Salvatici45.8
Sconnie McHits45.5
Dogwood Maple45.2
Shylo Moxii45.1
Tampa Bay Barracuda44.1
Luc Blouin43.6

From here we can see that TBB is on the rise. Without looking at their schedule they had some monster games for their players resulting in Kozlov and Dwayne seeing massive payouts and the goalie tandem also had some good gains. Another sleeper is that rookie Shylo Moxii.

And to counter the biggest gains we will also portray who made the smallest gains. See your picked player on this list too frequently and it might be a good indicator of a switch.

Name Fantasy Difference
Parker Smeb2
Daedalus James2.8
Sam Siege3.1
Kanye South4.6
Steven Cox4.9
Archangelo Scaradog Jr6
Jaeger Jones6.2
Ethan Duncan6.2
Patrik Money6.4
Jayson Aittokallio7.5
Adam Scianna7.5
Adrik Baranov7.6
Rene Pu7.6
Tuuka Pack7.6
Bubba Tree7.7
Elwulf Jericson7.7
Ryuuji Minamino8.7
Rinky McDangle9.1
Samuel Kjellsson9.3
Bodhi Utah9.4
Golden Face9.9
Valdis Vejonis10
Eric Tokke10
Jannik Nordtern10.
Gregory Goode10.1
Vin Bangsa-Wamy10.4
Yuuto Kira Cloudera Jr10.4
James Ronlain10.4
Samuel Michaud10.4

That's it for today. See your tomorrow.

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Credit to Jess for the awesome render pic
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Fantastic work! Wish I could find how my team's doing lol

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. ... There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.”

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I get 2% of your earnings if you used my sheet

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@PremierBromanov I did not use your sheet

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Credit to Jess for the awesome render pic
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