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(GRADED)Deep Dive #1 - Carolina Kraken Season Preview and Debut
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As the SMHJL has started, local sports writer Tukin Boutus took some time to evaluate the Carolina Kraken’s season start, an exciting time for one of the hours most exciting franchises. Deep dive into what is and what’s to come for the American team.

It is not surprise to everyone that the Carolina Kraken have been in a rebuild for a few seasons now. After a string of top of the standings finishes between seasons 60 and 63, led by former Kraken stars such as Atticus Hale, Lucas Raymond or Patya Perevalov, with a high finish of 4th place in season 62 posting a 41-20-5 record before having to admit defeat in the 3rd round of the playoffs to the Newfoundland Berskerers (1-4).

It was GM Sve7en’s position that the team were to have to go through a rebuild in order to get back to former success and compete once more as 4 start cup contenders. Following season 63, the team went through a few bottom table finishes – 11th in S64, 10th in S65 and 13th in S66 – and was setting up for the future, counting savy moves by their head office and on the draft, with notable selections such as Julian Eaglesong (S65 draft) and Kyle Murray, Axel Kirby (S66 draft). This culminated with the S67 SMJHL Entry Draft where the Kraken had 3 selections in the first 2 rounds with a high of 4th overall.

With these picks, the East Coast team chose to select three promising wingers to fill a void on attack; Derek Martin (CAN) at 4th overall, Liam Logger (CAN) at 16th overall and Marton Diehm (GER) at 25th overall. With so much invested in youth and newcomers, the SMJHL franchise understood that time would be their ally and they banked on development to progress their hopes of a championship.

As pre-season started, the excitement in the locker room, despite mitigated expectation for this season, was rather high, some may say through the roof. A shaky start perhaps, as the big fish creatures went 1-4-2, an underwhelming showing, maybe, but in line with the spirit of the team who kept showing a united front. The rookies also had their say in their teams performance, with Logger leading the way with 5 points (2G, 3A) and Martin (1G, 2A) and Diehm (3A) following suit, a promising sign for what’s to come. Star players and veteran players such as Alexi Kettu (4G, 3A) and Axel Kirby (1G, 7A), both looking to build off of excellent S66 seasons, joining forces with newly appointed captain Adam Prpich in providing veteran presence and leadership, had their say in their teams performance and showed good play, leading the way for the promising roster.

Then came the big games, regular season, showtime. A tough schedule as they opened their season against defending champions, the Nevada Battleborn, followed by contenders Regina and Yukon in subsequent games. Despite a challenging calendar to kick off the season as well as defeats coming quickly, Carolina managed to pull off a 3-2 win against Regina on the back of a solid team effort. As things currently stand at 3-5-0 for 6 pts, good for 11th in the league. Altough at face value this may seem as a bad thing, taken into context, this is in line with the 7-plan to glory, and step by step, game by game, shift by shift, the Carolina Kraken is taking its roster to the next level.

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As always, Tukin Boutus doing the work, more to follow.

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Legendary work Boutus

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