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S68 PT #1: Knuckle Sandwich Due: November 27th @ 11:59 PM (PST

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I think one of the first things that people thing about if they don't follow hockey is "fighting", I know nearly everyone who thinks of hockey thinks about how a fist fight could go down at any moment! And while that isn't really the case anymore, there are very few things outside of a game-winning goal or save that gets the crowd as hype as a huge hit or two dudes that throw down their gloves and get into that vintage fighting stance! I know before I started following hockey, this sport seems like the one that had the biggest amount of "boxing" in it outside of... well... boxing! I have sadly not yet been to a hockey game that has featured one of those quintessential fights between opposing players, and since the number of fights are going down it seems like the possibility is dwindling, hopefully I get the chance to see one because that seems like something a crowd still wants to see!

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Please pick ONE prompt to write about. Do not mix and match prompts. Identify the prompt you are using in your submission - Copying and pasting the prompt will deduct from your word count so if you do this make sure YOUR submission is 150+ words excluding the prompt.

PLAYER PROMPT - It's the first home game of the season, and you're getting beat badly. Down by 5, it's late in the third, and the coach wants someone to send a message that your team is not just going to lie down and lose this season. They want someone to fight!

Written Task: Is that player going to be you? Is your player a fighter? Have they ever fought before? Would they ever if they haven't yet? Why or why not? If you have fought, do you remember who it was with? Did you win? Who started it? What does your player think about that aspect of the game? If you're a goalie, tell me what it would take to get you out of your net and skating down the ice to get the other goalie! (150+ words)

Tom Pedersen is not really a fighter kind of hockey player, but if he is told to he will serve a can of whoop ass to anyone. As a former army grunt and not a noob in krav maga he will not shy away from any fights, but he will not initiate any. Tom Pedersen might not be a fighting kind of hockey player, but he loves to fight in his spare time. And no one in the SHL makes Tom Pedersen feel like he will lose a fight. Bring on anybody and he will tear them a new hole in the soul and serve it in a bowl after burning it on coal. Afterwards he will score a goal. And go for an assist to get the achievement done. So if anybody wants to get beaten up you know where to find an opponent. You just need to initiate it yourself, because Tom Pedersen will not.

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Having played hockey when I was younger and having gotten into a couple of fights myself I don't think fighting is antiquated or even all that dangerous especially relative to other sports or even other facets of hockey (you're far more likely to get injured on a bad check than during a fight, I would think). Fighting serves more as a way to send a message or stand up for teammates if nothing else and the outcome is often both guys falling over after trading a few weak blows. Overall, it's a unique part of the sport that is part spectacle, part tradition that I think does generally more for the sport than it takes away especially when you consider that some people get into watching hockey specifically because fighting is 'allowed'. Yeah, I don't see the reason to crack down it or incentivize it either, just let it happen and try to minimize injuries within that framework, even though like I mentioned before I don't see it as being really all that dangerous.

Prompt 1

Erm, this is not going for being Patya. If Coach am telling someone to fight, Patya am looking at big players for beat someone up. Patya much skinny, not much strong. Patya never before has had a fight in the hockeys. Patya is a lover, not a fighter. But with this said, Patya thinking if he really had to fight for team, he would do it. Hopefully he not losing any teeths or else Kristen may not be very happies with him. Patya having some friends around the league and from the J he could ask about how to fights good. Patya remembering Bjorn Bjornson was much good fighter, and thinking maybe even friend Roderic Banes is big and strong and knowing for how to throw a punch. Patya also do think fighting is part of game. Is only sport of this kind in which peoples can fight, and this part of why Patya love the game. If fighting in basketball or football or baseball or American football, is get in BIIIIG troubles. If fighting in hockey, is sit in box for 5 minutes. Is nothing.

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