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The Puck Stops Here | Chapter Ten

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: He Blinded me with Science

Chapter Two: An Offer you can't Refuse

Chapter Three: Dark Symbols

Chapter Four: Poetic Justice

Chapter Five: The Green Glow

Chapter Six: The Book Club

Chapter Seven: Police Tape

Chapter Eight: The Plot Thickens

Chapter Nine: Lights Camera Action

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Chapter Ten: Redemption

- - -

It's funny the things we tell ourselves when we need to rationalize a bad situation. Things like, "I didn't start this," or "I never wanted it to go this far," or the ever popular "I just got caught up in it and I couldn't get out." No matter the excuse, when we're caught in a web of self deception, we often aren't even aware of it until it's too late.

This is exactly where Thomas I. Tinkle found himself after telling a bold face lie on national television. Deep down, he wanted to come clean, but under the bright TV lights he felt cornered, so he panicked and told a lie to cover his guilt. For the first time since this whole ordeal started, Thomas finally realized he was every bit as guilty as the President had ever been, and just the thought of that made him sick to his stomach.

Thomas was trapped in a web he helped create and all he could do now was try his best to set things right. That meant getting to the plant as soon as the police would allow to remove the synthetics and restore the rubber to it's pure natural state. For the next two days, Thomas was on pins and needles waiting desperately to hear that the crime scene investigation was complete. He needed to get in, almost as badly as he needed air to breath.

Minutes seemed like hours and hours seemed like days, until finally the police called to ask him to come to the plant. This was the opportunity he'd been waiting for and he was out the door like a jack rabbit on coke.

- - -

When Thomas arrived at the plant, he saw the police tape coming down, so he breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Detective Noe Clue: "You're a very lucky man Mr. Tinkle. I've seen people put away for a lot less than this."

Thomas: "So you're uh, packing up then?"

Noe Clue: "Yup, fortunately for you there was no sign of forced entry, and the coroner found no indication of a struggle. So according to the official report, it was an accidental death most likely caused by extreme intoxication."

Thomas: "Uh, does that mean the plant can reopen?"

Noe Clue: "Uh huh. You know, somebody up there must like you Mr. Tinkle. But do me a favor, and try not to leave any more bodies laying around. Can you do that for me?"

Thomas: "Ah yes, absolutely sir, and thank you!"

Thomas could hardly believe his good fortune. He entered the plant and watched nervously through the window, but the instant the police pulled out of the driveway, he rushed headlong into the task of dismantling the synthetic beast. 'Never again,' he told himself as the last piece of the rotten mechanism clanked onto the concrete floor. "There! Now to clean up this mess and start making pucks with only natural rubber!..."

- - - - - - -

To be continued...

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